How Laserfiche Automated the New Deposit Account Opening Process

May 26, 2015 in Customer Spotlights |
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Contributed by: Ashot Hareyan, Business Process Analyst, First Foundation Bank

Based in Irvine, CA, First Foundation Bank has various branches around Southern California. Opening a new deposit account at the bank used to involve mailing paperwork to the corporate office for approval. If anything was missing, it would also have to be mailed in. Here is how Laserfiche automated the whole process to reduce approval times from a few days or weeks to hours.

Document import

When a customer wants to open a deposit account, he arrives at one of the bank branches. A private banker gives the customer forms to fill out. The customer fills these out and can also email additional information such as a statement from another bank.

Once all forms and documents are completed, collected and signed, a private banker sends them to Laserfiche in one of three ways:

  • Drag and drop
  • Laserfiche Forms
  • Scanning

Drag and drop

Documents that arrive by email are dragged and dropped into the deposit account’s Pending folder in Laserfiche.


Upon import, the private banker fills out the metadata.


Laserfiche Forms

Electronic documents can also be uploaded through Laserfiche Forms. The private banker logs into the bank’s intranet site and selects the link for adding new documents. He selects whether the documents are electronic or paper.


If the private banker selects the electronic documents option, he is prompted with a form to fill out. If the document is for an existing customer, the Account Number field must be filled out. If the document is for a new customer, than that field can be left blank and the Client’s Name field must be filled out instead.


At the end, the private banker uploads the appropriate document and submits the form. The attached documents are automatically saved in the customer’s folder in Laserfiche with metadata applied based on information from the form.


Paper documents are scanned onto a network drive. Laserfiche Quick Fields Agent, an automated data capture and storage tool that helps you extract information from documents, organize them, and store them in a Laserfiche repository, runs regularly, processing documents from the network drive and importing them into Laserfiche.

Before the documents are scanned, though, the private banker fills out a Laserfiche form with information that needs to be included in the document’s metadata. This information is also used in generating a barcode coversheet.


Once the form is submitted, Java Script generates a barcode coversheet with the information.


The private banker prints the coversheet and includes it with the particular document that needs scanning. Many such documents can be scanned in one batch as long as each has a coversheet. Laserfiche Quick Fields populates metadata with information stored in the barcode and deletes the coversheets.

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