Laserfiche 10.2 Released

January 31, 2017 in Product Tips & Updates |
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Laserfiche has announced the release of Laserfiche 10.2, which includes updates to the Laserfiche Server, Windows client, web client, Forms, App, Discussions, Workflow, Federated Search, and Connector. This release includes many new features, as well as stability and performance enhancements.

Highlights include the ability to:

  • Accept customer payments through a form using the Laserfiche Forms-Braintree integration (available only to organizations with Braintree merchant accounts)
  • Enhanced reporting to enable faster decision-making, including highly configurable reports with new data visualizations in Laserfiche Forms
  • Perform searches across multiple repositories at the same time using Laserfiche Federated Search—a new Laserfiche search site
  • Automatically download forms and tasks to a mobile device using the Laserfiche App
  • More configurability in the Laserfiche web client, including adding custom actions and supporting integrations with a custom Details Pane tab
  • Perform a wide range of administrative functions, such as managing trustees and creating and modifying metadata definitions—without needing to log in to a separate application. These capabilities are available in the new management page in the Laserfiche web client
  • Retrieve information from multiple applications and websites with a single profile, create profiles that screenshot applications or web pages, and view search results in a window docked next to the target application—all using Laserfiche Connector
  • Multi-value field groups in the Laserfiche Server, which allow you to group related multi-value fields (such as the product code and price for multiple invoice items) so that they will be displayed together

For more details about Laserfiche 10.2’s features, functionality, language support and more—read the notes below:


The Laserfiche Server introduces multi-value field groups, which allow you to group related multi-value fields (such as the product code and price for multiple invoice items, or the name and email address for multiple authors of a report) so that they will be displayed together. Searching has also been enhanced, with a new configurable thesaurus, several new search types, and significant search performance improvements.

Laserfiche Forms introduces an updated site navigation to easily find and view all major pages in Forms. Administrators can now also create different landing pages with select processes. Organizations with Braintree merchant accounts can now use a Braintree integration to accept payments on a form. This release also features updates to the reporting functionality, new events and new options for process designers, and expanded support with the Laserfiche App.

The Laserfiche web client includes a new management page, which allows administrators to perform many administrative functions (such as managing trustees, creating and modifying metadata definitions, and monitoring repository activity) without needing to log in to a separate application. The web client also includes new security reports, allowing administrators to more easily troubleshoot and monitor security settings. In addition, users can now customize their toolbars, and administrators can better support integrations with custom Details Pane tabs and a new user interface for custom actions.

The Laserfiche App has been updated to automatically download forms and tasks to a user’s mobile device. Laserfiche App Scanning for Windows allows you to use a scanner to add documents to Laserfiche via the Laserfiche app. Metadata updates include support for field tokens and multi-value field groups. In addition to metadata and search improvements, annotations and digital signatures can be added to a document using the Laserfiche app. Downloading and uploading Laserfiche briefcases is also now supported. Additionally, the Laserfiche 10.2 App Server has been updated with three new options that let you import the web client configuration settings, generate a link to automatically sign in to the app, and control if an imaged document or PDF is compressed when downloaded locally or shared to another application.

Laserfiche Connector now allows you to create profiles that screenshot applications or web pages, view search results in a window docked to the target application, and open an associated document in a window docked to the target application. You can also retrieve information from multiple applications and websites with a single profile, and then use that information to complete a Laserfiche Connector action. Connector also now can be configured to automatically click a button or press ENTER after writing values. In addition, Connector now supports custom buttons and new tokens.

Laserfiche Discussions introduces the ability to tag users in posts, grant users the right to edit opening posts, set group moderators, and perform additional integration options with a Laserfiche repository.

Laserfiche Workflow introduces several activity improvements and function features. The Replicate Entries activity now lets you transfer folder structures between repositories without transferring the documents inside the folders. Use the names of the entries in the Find Entries activity in a Table Merge in the Update Word Document activity. You can also now select “Entry Changed” in the rule wizard to kick off the workflow when an entry name changes.

Laserfiche Rio introduces a new search site, Laserfiche Federated Search, that allows you to perform searches across multiple repositories at the same time. Administrators can configure Federated Search to search across any or all of the repositories at their site, including repositories that are not hosted on the same Laserfiche Server. This allows users who work in multiple repositories, or who are not sure which repository stores a particular piece of information, to quickly find documents in any repository.

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