Agenda Management
Agenda management

NovusAGENDA is a flexible, innovative, agenda management solution to automate board meetings. It allows organizations to save valuable resources by automating paper-based processes while simultaneously providing flexibility to control aspects of the agenda, such as submission deadlines. Novus agenda management drastically reduces the time spent creating and distributing agendas and minutes, saving paper and ensuring agendas, minutes and meeting actions will be automatically posted to your Web site. The public and people within your organization will enjoy the benefits that come with NovusAGENDA as you reduce inefficiencies and increase transparency.

NovusAgenda Agenda Management Benefits

  • Drastically reduce paperwork
  • Consistent formats and naming conventions, ensuring uniformity
  • Quick research capability
  • Control over item submission deadlines
  • Reporting options to tracks goals, budgets and other issues

Service Advantages:


Save both time and money spent on paper-based agenda creation and distribution while significantly reducing your organizations paper reliance.


Transparency comes standard with NovusAGENDA with built-in tools that facilitate publicly sharing meeting information online in compliance with industry regulations such as the Brown Act.


Eliminate time-consuming manual workflows. Easily create and manage agenda items in one system.

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Why This Service Is Superior

falling-LoveNovusAGENDA electronic agenda management software creates a well-organized and easy-to-use paperless meeting management solution. This board meeting software minimizes the time spent compiling and distributing agendas and minutes, but also saves paper and ensures agendas, minutes and meeting actions will be automatically posted to your Web site.

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