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Cardiff School District Saves Time and Space with Laserfiche

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Cardiff School District is a public school district serving the city of Cardiff in the North County area of San Diego County, California. It consists of two award-winning schools: Cardiff Elementary and Ada Harris Elementary. There are 125 employees of the District.

Cardiff SD was working with what they referred to as a large archive room full of many different file boxes. Documents were in paper format, which made it time consuming to locate important files. As a result, the search was on to find a solution that would allow District employees to easily locate and access the documents they needed without having to search through file boxes.

The District inevitably chose Laserfiche after visiting a neighboring school district’s software demonstration and saw the benefits it offered.

In 2014, The District chose ECS to install and support a Laserfiche Avante system to help them on this paperless endeavor. This would allow them to begin storing important State and Federal documents. They chose Laserfiche based on the extensive workflow capabilities and storage capacity of the system. ECS showed them how they would save time and be able to archive their records in an easy to use and manageable way. Now, the District does not require additional employees for filing and digitization of paper documents. There has also been a significant reduction in storage allowing the District to reclaim valuable space.

Learning a new software system can be a daunting task which is why the District created a database of Laserfiche tutorials to help employees use the system and navigate their way around the repository. “Make use of all the training workshops that ECS offers,” said Martha Bailey, Assistant to the Superintendent.

“We are rebuilding one of our campuses and digitizing our content will help in this transition.” District employees now appreciate Laserfiche for the convenience of digital storage and easy access of anytime, anywhere.

“We have always appreciated the responsiveness and personal care of ECS Imaging’s support,” said Martha.

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