El Centro Elementary School District

Transforms to Laserfiche Cloud

El Centro Elementary School District is located in Imperial County, in the most Southeastern region of California. The District manages 12 schools and provides educational services to just over 5,000 K – 8th grade students.

The District was in need of a turn-key solution for digitizing student cumulative files. These files were being stored in the District warehouse and must be kept in perpetuity. Having only the paper documents made it much more difficult to retrieve student files when they were requested especially during remote work schedules. The cost and space required to store these files was also an issue. This challenge lead the District’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to reach out to the District’s ECS Account Manager to collaboratively design a solution that would enable the District to easily manage student files digitally. The project duration was only a few weeks, from proposal to implementation.

The District chose Laserfiche because it had previous experience with the software and ECS in an on-premises installation of Laserfiche. Past experience with Laserfiche, the lower implementation cost of a Cloud-Hosted system, the ability to access security logs for the documents in the system, and turn-key built-in features were all aspects that led to their decision. In October, 2020, ECS installed a 7-User Laserfiche Cloud-Hosted Document Management solution including: Forms and Workflow Process Automation, Import Agent, Audit Trail, Direct Share, and Connector. The Cloud also provides at rest data encryption, automated and encrypted backups, intrusion detection, automated features and updates deployed, along with any security updates.

Since the implementation of Laserfiche Cloud, the district has increased document accessibility, security and ease of retrieval. The District has seen a reduction in personnel costs associated with the filing and retrieving of documents, costs associated with storage of documents, and the reduced risk associated with not having a digital backup of documents that must be kept forever.

According to Antonio Romayor, Jr., CTO for the District, “Laserfiche, especially the cloud offering, is a turn-key solution for creating secure document archival containers. The features included improve document access logs, accessibility and business continuity. Laserfiche is a sector-leader, with longtime culture of creating cost-effective and dependable products.  The district would like to thank the ECS team for helping move the project along so quickly”.

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