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Digital Transformation= Huge Time Savings

It’s a familiar story: An office overrun with filing cabinets, employees inundated with physical paper processes, and hours spent on manual repetitive work. San Joaquin Regional Transit District recognized the problem at bay and sought out a digital solution. Since its implementation, they’ve found a great return on investment, forecasting a savings of over $40,000 per year linked to Laserfiche.

The San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) first began their Laserfiche transformation 5 years ago. Since then, Laserfiche is now being adopted in human resources, operations, finances, procurement, administration, facilities, and maintenance will be moving to the Laserfiche system shortly.

Of all the things that San Joaquin RTD has done with Laserfiche, there are 3 that stand out as the most transformational. These are their HR repository, their Connector uses, and a brand-new digital timesheet submission project that they will be rolling out very soon.

San Joaquin Regional Transit District

Human Resources Laserfiche Successes

The HR department at the San Joaquin RTD has fully implemented a functioning digital repository. Their Laserfiche digital repository includes Forms Essential, Connector, Starter Portal (Weblink), and LFDS. Within HR alone, they’ve seen a great return on investment when it comes to ease of use, searching, and access of documents for employee onboarding and offboarding. They directly link a cost savings of about $8,000 per year to the onboarding processes and systems they have created in HR alone.

Laserfiche Connector Wins

By using the Connector, San Joaquin RTD has been able to create two-way integrations between Laserfiche and both an accounting software and an HRIS software.

Now, they’re able to use Laserfiche for:

  • Onboarding paperwork for HR
  • Invoice approval for procurement and finance
  • Timesheet submission for operations
  • Company credit card review and reconciliation for admin
  • Collision and incident reporting for operations
  • Contract management for procurement

With these integrated Connectors in place, San Joaquin RTD saves an estimated $32,000 per year.

Timesheet Submission Overhaul

Currently, the San Joaquin RTD’s Operations department receives 100 physical paper timesheets, 6 days per week, from bus operators. Once received, the managers inspect the timesheets manually to correct the items that were recorded incorrectly before manually scanning them into OneDrive and storing them in a virtual filing cabinet. From there, they manually enter the data into the payroll software to ensure each of the bus operators is compensated for their work.

With the new process created by ECS Imaging, countless hours will be saved. The new process allows bus operators to submit their timesheets digitally, using Forms, which are then auto calculated and sent to the manager for approval. Once approved, the file is automatically stored in the employee’s virtual file. The final piece of the puzzle will send this data directly to the payroll processor, an integration that is currently being built via the SDK tool. While this process hasn’t been launched yet, one can see that the ROI is going to be tremendous, saving managers hours in their day, 6 days per week.

Across their 7 departments, San Joaquin RTD estimates an annual savings of nearly $41,000 thanks to Laserfiche and the integrations and processes built by ECS Imaging.

Looking to the future, San Joaquin RTD is committed to further expanding their Laserfiche usage to automate additional processes and operate at the highest level of efficiency.

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