5 Reasons Why Higher Education Institutions are Turning to Laserfiche

With good reason, more and more colleges and universities are turning to Laserfiche for their enterprise content management needs. Laserfiche offers complex higher education institutions the ability to digitize their paper processes and optimize efficiency.

From the registrar’s office to human resources and everywhere in between, Laserfiche has turnkey resources that streamline your operations.

Laserfiche provides robust options for document management, enterprise wide. It’s where you can store all student and employee records, contracts, work orders, and more. It minimizes costs of paper, storage, and the staff resources needed to manage a largely paper-based operation.

Additionally, Laserfiche has features that allow manual repetitive tasks to be automated, saving time and money across campus.

Here are just a few ways that Laserfiche can transform your college campus:

1. Laserfiche will help to improve the digital experience for both students and staff.

We live in a digital world, so it’s important that your staff and students have an immersible digital experience. With Laserfiche’s responsive modern solutions for student and faculty support, accelerating digital service delivery is easy. With customizable forms, surveys, and public portals, benefits can be seen across campus as information is gathered and retrieved as quickly as possible.

2. Laserfiche integrates seamlessly with systems like Ellucian to make managing student records easy

Say goodbye to difficult information transfers and complicated integrations! Laserfiche offers no-code and low-code for other systems you’re already using, including SIS and ERPs. The seamless Ellucian Ethos integration makes it easier than ever to manage student records and eliminate manual data entry for good. The two-way integration uses data from Banner to populate Laserfiche Forms, but can also use information submitted via Forms to update student info in Banner. Watch the demo on the left or download the Ellucian Fact sheet to learn more. (if I can figure out how to attach the pdf)

3. Laserfiche can help you transform your processes across campus

Accelerate lengthy manual processes with Laserfiche’s automated solutions to save time and money. Manual repetitive tasks can be replaced by workflows that are programed for maximum efficiency. Imagine a system that can automatically file submitted forms and send them to the next step in the process seamlessly, while tracking any changes that were made by system users to enhance accountability.

4. Laserfiche makes reporting easy so that you can make informed decisions on the things that matter most

In an ever-changing institutional environment, you need the best information to make the right decisions. Laserfiche makes gathering that information easy with its powerful and intuitive reporting dashboards. Every choice will be strategically made and meticulously calculated so that you can do what’s best for your students.

5. Laserfiche makes the transition easy with pre-built solution templates designed specifically for higher education institutions.

Laserfiche’s Solution Marketplace is an online directory of pre-built solutions. You can use this to gain inspiration and quickly learn about the capabilities that Laserfiche provides for your organization and see best practices that have been developed by other institutions. If you see a particularly notable solution, you can leverage it and easily tailor it to your needs for quick deployment.

As you can see, Laserfiche is an easy choice for higher education institutions of all sizes. Contact ECS Imaging today to see everything that Laserfiche can do for your school and read about some of our successes in education here.

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