Save time and Optimize Contracts Management with Laserfiche Automation

Contracts management is the process of negotiating, editing, and signing contracts with external vendors and constituents. In most organizations, this process includes time-consuming, repetitive tasks, the need to track specific contract details and receive timely responses for those involved. To optimize these business processes, enable tracking, make it repeatable, and significantly impact the overall efficiency of this process, take a look at Laserfiche automation. With Laserfiche automation such as Workflow and electronic Forms you can make contracts management a significantly simpler process beginning to end, as well as for future contract renewals. 

While a contracts management workflow can be customized to meet your every need, here are some general aspects that most automated processes we’ve configured contain:

  • Creating contract templates that can be used repeatedly for ease of use
  • Real-time changes and approvals for overall transparency between all involved in the process, making it easier for changes to be noted, reviewed, and approved
  • Automatic routing of contract drafts to key players in the process at exactly the right time, so that “send contract to ABC Company” won’t be stuck on your to-do list forever 
  • Status monitoring in the click of a few buttons. No more sending emails back and forth for weeks to track down the progress of your contract!
  • Access from anywhere with highly secure, on demand mobile and remote access possibilities. 
  • Capturing Electronic signatures lets you cut paper entirely out of the equation and enable auto-filing of the entire process
  • Notifications that can be sent to let stakeholders to know when contracts are approaching end dates and/or when certain deadlines and deliverables are meant to be completed 
  • Ease of managing Insurance requirements and Contract Renewals

Electronic Signature Solution with OneSpan Sign

If gathering signatures on your contracts and documents has been a pain point of your contracts management process, we’re excited to share about a new solution that makes gathering electronic signatures quick, easy, and secure with OneSpan Sign.

OneSpan Sign integrates seamlessly with Laserfiche and requires little to no IT involvement, making setup a breeze. With OneSpan, you can setup custom reminders, expiration dates, and change tracking. OneSpan is a certified e-signature solution.

Learn more about OneSpan Sign and view a quick demo of how it works, check out our recent blog post here.

Contracts management workflows can be used for managing any type of contracts that your organization needs. Whether you’re hiring vendors, contractors, or new employees, a workflow can help to streamline your process and streamline your workday.  To explore contracts management automation options for your organization, contact us today. 

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Save time and optimize contracts management with Laserfiche automationa