City of Diamond Bar – Automating Accounts Payable with Laserfiche Quick Fields

May 19, 2016 in Customer Spotlights |
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Located in Eastern Los Angeles County, the City of Diamond Bar was named after the “diamond over the bar” brand of the original Rancho Los Nogales in 1918, and currently has a population of over 56,000 residents.

The City was facing several challenges relating to how records were managed. The system they were using resulted in disorganized records that ultimately caused staff to be disengaged from the process. The City needed a solution that would be easy to use and would allow staff to be more engaged in the development of accurate records management procedures.

In 2014, ECS installed a Laserfiche Avante system with 15 users, 1 additional repository, Distributed Computing Cluster (load balancing), Starter Audit Trail (for tracking events that occur in Laserfiche), Starter Public Portal (which provides public, read-only access to city records via a web browser), and Quick Fields Zone OCR (which automatically extracts information from the document).

“We use Quick Fields [Zone OCR] to automate the scanning of Accounts Payable checks and backup information. With hundreds of checks per week, Quick Fields has cut down the manual input time by at least 75%. It is a goal of ours to consider other applications for Quick Fields, including permits at some point”, said Ryan McLean, Deputy City Manager.

McLean also states that “the system has been a major improvement that will continue to enhance transparency and efficiency, primarily saving staff time in retrieving documents for public records requests.”

User feedback has been positive, the ease of use and resetting of expectations has helped. The City plans to expand access to the system by adding additional users and raise expectations for scanning legacy project files.

“Diamond Bar’s experience has been a positive one and we are optimistic about the increased productivity the system will bring”, said McLean.

When implementing Laserfiche, McLean recommends that file preparation and scanning become a priority of all departments otherwise it will become a major burden for the project manager.

“The ECS support team have been very helpful throughout the City’s transition to Laserfiche, from initial purchase to integration with an old system to ongoing support needs”, said McLean.

– See more at: https://ecsimaging.com/success-stories/city-of-diamond-bar/#sthash.jwpopyVt.dpuf

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