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January 8, 2015 in Customer Spotlights |
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Work orders

Customer service work orders are generated in the Work Order system. Before Laserfiche, they were printed out and filed in a designated filing area by work order type. Staff spent an estimated 20% of their time filing and searching for these documents.


Now, once a work order is generated, it is automatically scanned into Laserfiche. From there, it is processed with Laserfiche Quick Fields, which uses the Zone OCR process to retrieve key pieces of information, such as the Work Order Number, to populate metadata.


The Pattern Matching process is used to make sure that the right Work Order Number is pulled from the document.


Here is what the whole Laserfiche Quick Fields session looks like:


A Work Order Number is added to the file name of the work order, which allows it to be routed to the appropriate folder by month and year.


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