City of Tustin – The City of Trees Goes Paperless with Laserfiche

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Tustin is a city located in Orange County, California and is known as “The City of Trees” to area natives. Tustin was incorporated in 1927 and continues to be a discernable entity, characterized by its strategic crossroads location, hillside areas which offer sweeping panoramic views of the Pacific Coast and Saddleback Mountains, prime commercial industrial, and residential development, and one of the oldest historical “old towns” in Orange County.

The City of Tustin began using Laserfiche in the late 1990’s. The Police department came on board in 2003 when it converted from OTG. The City upgraded the system to Laserfiche Rio in 2012 as it gave them more features they could take advantage of like unlimited repositories and multiple server application installations. They use the Laserfiche components to automate their tasks with Quick Fields and Quick Fields Agent, Import Agent, Workflow, Web Access, Advanced Audit Trail and Weblink. In 2015, they added Laserfiche Forms in order to improve on their automation processes.

The Police Department uses Laserfiche Forms to document interrogations with criminal suspects and interview witnesses. Officers wear recording devices that are activated during the interview. Once the officer finishes, they complete a report through the Laserfiche Forms system, and the audio recording is directly attached to the form and stored securely in the Laserfiche repository. Forms help the metadata to be collected accurately and consistently for every case.

Additionally the Police Dept. has been using a Mugshot Capture application created by ECS in 2003. As an arrestee is being booked they take a mugshot picture and type in descriptive information about the person. The picture and metadata is sent to Laserfiche and auto-filed for future retrieval.

The City Clerk’s Office also uses Laserfiche Forms to greatly optimize one of their most time-consuming tasks- public records requests. Before the implementation of Laserfiche, constituents had to submit a paper form to the Clerk’s Office and wait 10 days for a regular request or 30 days for a request for building plans. However, through Laserfiche Forms, the Clerk’s Office has been able to create a digital form that automatically routes requests to the Clerk’s Office while simultaneously archiving the submitted form in the Laserfiche repository. This dynamic form adjusts to accept both types of record requests depending on the option that the user chooses. Departmental staff are then able to search the repository and return the requested document to constituents in just a matter of minutes. They also utilize Forms for their Request to Speak applicants for Council Meetings.

The Clerk’s Office also uses Laserfiche Weblink to empower constituents with ability to search through and retrieve city records. They include documents such as: City Council Agendas, Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions. The user-friendly interface allows constituents without prior exposure to Laserfiche to easily navigate through the repository and perform searches.

ECS has been providing ongoing scanning for the City since 2006. Departments include Building, Planning, Business Licenses, City Clerk and Public Works. ECS also converted all of their Building Department Microfiche to Laserfiche so all documents are available in their system. The City is responsible for keeping a copy of the drawings of the El Toro Marine Base hangars and wanted to preserve their historical value. ECS scanned the drawings at a high resolution in color and grayscale to ensure details were not lost and the archive is available electronically. For the Finance department we have imported checks and pay stubs from their Utility system so they are available in one system.

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