CMA Email Manager to Present at ECS Annual Conferences

September 21, 2016 in Product Tips & Updates |
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cma-out-of-the-box90% of correspondence is conducted through email.
More and more systems are using email to transmit information and documents automatically. Many companies are directing vendors and other third parties to use email alias’ as they funnel information through specific email accounts for productivity.

Email Manager can monitor email for you, identify emails, classify them, and submit them to a workflow in Laserfiche.

Email Manager integrates with your mail server and the mail client, supporting both the needs of IT and the business.  Automated classification, thread tracking and archiving make it simple for users and administrators to provide context to email correspondence to be captured into Laserfiche.  Seamless integration with the mail server, Outlook and Laserfiche allow message threads to be captured automatically as archived records – minimizing risk and increasing productivity at the same time. Email Manager empowers organizations to manage correspondence, business processes, and compliance as a unified go-to solution.

Come see Email Management in Action! CMA will be presenting the solution at the ECS Conferences, 11:00 AM Session, Track 3. You can register by completing the Event Registration form on the Events page.  We hope to see you there!

Watch Video: Email Manager Overview

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