Coming soon – Laserfiche 10.4.1 Release!

April 24, 2019 in Product Tips & Updates |
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The release of Laserfiche 10.4.1 to the Laserfiche community is scheduled for June. This on-premises release includes a variety of updates including new functionality and improvements, as well as stability and performance enhancements. This includes updates to the Windows client, web client, Forms, Laserfiche app, Workflow and Laserfiche Directory Server.

Key highlights include:

  • Records Management: Organizations can choose to allow the ability to modify certain non-content properties to records under retention including document annotations and metadata fields, for enhanced flexibility with managing legal holds and records-related processes. In addition, cutoff criteria is now optional in retention schedules. Without cutoff applied, the process steps are streamlined while still having retention and disposition rules applied.
  • Federated Search on SharePoint: Enables Laserfiche Federated Search to search content in SharePoint deployments on-premises or online. Allows customers to search and find their data efficiently and effectively.
  • New Workflow Geography Activity: Eliminate manual actions to set location data for repository entries, using Workflow to automatically make bulk modifications.
  • Performance Optimizations: The Laserfiche Server supports optimized Full Text Search (FTS) within folders and enhanced web client navigation and initial load responsiveness within the folder browser.
  • Laserfiche Forms Enhancements: New modernized default form themes for a refreshed selection to build custom forms from, ability to print a form from user tasks for archival or sharing purposes, and more.
  • Improved Laserfiche app PDF support: Enhanced capability within the Laserfiche app to view, modify and interact with fillable PDF forms in the document viewer.

Look out for more resources and information about the 10.4.1 release next month!

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