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December 19, 2019 in Customer Spotlights |
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Saving Time and Money with Laserfiche Automation

The City of Fullerton is a full-service local government organization with a population of approximately 140,000 residents and 500 employees. Located in North Orange County, California, Fullerton is renowned for its unique mix of residential, commercial and industrial, educational and cultural environments that provide an outstanding quality of life for its residents.

Paper, paper, and more paper. That was the challenge the City was facing. The City did not have a centralized records keeping process and relied on departments to manage their own records, including offsite storage. Sharing records between departments required making photocopies and delivering the hard copy to the requesting department. Without a self-service records portal, the public had to submit a public records request for all desired records and had to pay for photocopies. Many of the processes and procedures required long and often tedious steps to route copies of documents to other departments or employees.

With the implementation of Laserfiche, both the public and employees have 24/7 access to records posted on the public portal reducing time previously spent making request for records through the City Clerk’s Office. Search and retrieval of records is much easier now that most records can be searched in the Laserfiche repository. The ability to link to a record in the repository has greatly reduced the number of copies made of a record and the need to locate all of the copies when it is time for records destruction. With their Laserfiche solution verified as a California Trusted System, they can rely on the electronic document as their official copy and eliminate the need to store costly hard copy records.

Fullerton started using Laserfiche in 2007 with ECS Imaging. They are currently using Laserfiche Avante with 16 Users, 8 Forms Authenticated Users, Forms Professional, Forms Portal, Public Portal, and one additional repository.

They installed the Granicus Legistar integration module which automates the import of city council agenda packets to Laserfiche. The integration with Granicus’ Legistar application saves hours of time each month that staff would have spent manually importing agenda packet files into Laserfiche. By utilizing workflow, they can automate the process even more. With the Laserfiche Forms and Workflow, the processes that can be automated is only limited by the available time to build the forms and workflow. To date, the City has created forms and workflows for Request to use the City Seal, Public Noticing Request and they are rolling out a Public Records Request Form soon.

According to Lucinda Williams, City Clerk, “one of the greatest savings linked to Laserfiche is the public portal allowing employees and the public to search for their own record at any time. This makes for greater efficiency and responsiveness for those searching for records and frees up staff time that would have been spent assisting the public and employees with records requests.”

Laserfiche provides savings for records management by reducing the need to store hard copy records offsite, reduces the number of copies of records and helps with more timely records destruction. The introduction of forms and workflow to their Laserfiche solution means more efficient processes, no time spent looking for lost hard copy requests, easier communication on the status of each request and the ability to track bottleneck in the process and to correct them to make for more efficient processes.

The City provides insight into their experience implementing and using Laserfiche. They offer the following advice, “Get as many people informed about Laserfiche as possible – include the repository but also the power of workflow and forms (and how they can integrate with other applications). Be sure IT understands the City’s records management policies and regulations so they can implement Laserfiche accordingly. Give your Users guidance with training and internal reference documents – standard file name conventions, how to use templates, importing records, how to search for records, how to present public facing documents, etc.”

The City of Fullerton earned a Digital Transformation Award at the ECS Annual Transform 2019 Conference for their continued commitment to expanding use of Laserfiche.

Lucinda Williams, City Clerk provided success story content

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