Customer Success Story – Town of Truckee

December 7, 2020 in Customer Spotlights |
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Town Achieves Success with Laserfiche and ArcGIS Integration

Located in Nevada County, California just 12 miles north of Lake Tahoe, the Town of Truckee is home to a population of more than 16,000 residents.  Truckee has been an ECS customer for over 20 years, starting with one of the original versions of Laserfiche. Over time, the Town has upgraded to versions that are more recent in order to utilize the improved features and functionality available in the more recent version of Laserfiche.

In 2018, the Town made a concerted decision to go down the enterprise route for GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and create a full-time position for managing the Town’s GIS system and to produce applications for online working groups to publish information to the internet, which would allow internal staff to connect with and perform tasks using GIS at their desks. ESRI has been improving their GIS applications to make it more user-friendly for non-GIS users and the public to access map related data, as per Drew Jack, GIS/IT Specialist for the Town.

Using the Laserfiche Weblink application, the Town began linking Hold Harmless Agreements to GIS parcel maps, but since it was hard to identify what parcels had some sort of restriction or indemnification placed on it, the Town developed an application for the engineers to quickly look to see if there were any hold harmless agreements associated with that parcel. It was an easy link within the GIS file that created a URL for the engineer to go back to the Laserfiche Weblink site for those particular documents.

Now that the process is pretty well developed, users can easily click on a parcel map to see all the links to other documents associated with that map location. Some documents are for internal staff only while other documents can be opened and viewed by members of the public. “It’s hard to describe how life would be without using Laserfiche”, Drew Jack. Check out their online GIS integration with Laserfiche documents:  https://data-townoftruckee.opendata.arcgis.com/

Town of Truckee Weblink Public Portal: http://laserfiche.townoftruckee.com/WebLink/browse.aspx?cr=1

Since their Laserfiche system is being used Town-wide, particularly by Management, and now that the public can access documents on their own through the Public Portal, the Town has saved a lot of time and lowered costs associated with locating and providing official records and other documents to the public.

The Town plans to upgrade to Laserfiche Avante in the future, but as for now, they are working on clearing out their file server and adding all those records to Laserfiche.

Judy Price, Town Clerk said, “the consistency over the years from ECS Imaging being available to assist the Town of Truckee year after year has been an asset.” She recommends planning out your system since Laserfiche is user-defined, including defining record retention and disposition schedules.

Download Success Story: ECS Customer Success – Town of Truckee 2020

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