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The desert city of Indio is located in the Coachella Valley region of Riverside County, about 23 miles east of Palm Springs. Home to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio is known as the ‘City of Festivals’ due to the numerous special events held annually in the area.

The City of Indio initially made the decision to go paperless nearly a decade ago, with the installation of an older version of Laserfiche in the City Clerk’s Office. In April of 2014 the city decided to renew their commitment to paperless business processes by upgrading to the most current Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) system. ECS assisted the City in obtaining a trade-in credit for their existing ECM system, offsetting the costs of the new Laserfiche Avante system. The City of Indio’s upgraded Laserfiche system will increase city-wide productivity through the use of automated business processes, such as workflow, among multiple departments.

Prior to the implementation of Laserfiche at the City of Indio, several departments were experiencing issues associated with paper-based business processes. Both the City Clerk’s Department and the Indio Water Authority generate large amounts of paper and electronic files on a daily basis: Managing these files was labor-intensive. The distribution of documents was a slow process; many original documents were misplaced making the process of retrieval difficult. City staff spent an estimated 20% of their time searching for documents, previously stored in various storage facilities, and responding to public information requests.

ECS accomplished the upgrade in three phases:

Phase 1 included the install and configuration of the following: Laserfiche MS SQL Avante server, 20 Named Full Users, Laserfiche Web Access (with IOS and Android compatibility), Laserfiche Import Agent, Laserfiche Plus, Laserfiche Starter Public Portal, Laserfiche Quick Fields, and Zone OCR.

Phase 2 involved setting up security rights within Laserfiche and training the City’s core users on how to use the new features in Laserfiche.

Phase 3 included the automation of business processes through Laserfiche Workflow with Accounts Payable, Business License Certification, and Start New Services process for water utility services.

The City of Indio’s Laserfiche upgrade also improved greatly upon the importation of Business License Certificates. These documents were previously imported into Laserfiche without metadata and a generic file name such as ‘scan00123’ making files nearly impossible to locate by looking at the file name. Now, after when the Business License Certificate is scanned in, Quick Fields automatically updates the file name and adds the correct Metadata so the file can be easily located using business name or address.

The City chose Laserfiche for many reasons.

  • The trade-in credit for upgrading to Laserfiche Avante significantly reduced the cost of implementation.
  • Laserfiche is used by multiple government entities in the area allowing the City of Indio and the Indio Water Authority opportunities to contact some of these entities and share ideas.
  • And more importantly, “Laserfiche is a recognized leader in document management system[s] specializing in government workflow, records retention, and retrieval for increased public transparency and departmental efficiency”, said Jason Jaurigue, Network System Engineer for the Indio Water Authority.

The City of Indio’s future plans for Laserfiche include: the continued conversion of paper files to electronic images to ultimately reduce the physical records storage requirements, improve the ease and accuracy of document retrieval, in-crease inter-department and inter-organization communication and collaboration, and to integrate Laserfiche with other line of business applications such as GIS, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Asset Management applications.

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