Stanislaus County Office of Education

The Stanislaus County Office of Education (SCOE) is an educational services agency – a link between the California State Department of Education and the 26 local school districts in Stanislaus County. The Stanislaus County Office of Education partners with local schools and the community to support quality education for the nearly 106,000 students in Stanislaus County and several thousand more in regional programs under the state. Under the leadership of a five-member elected board of education and an elected superintendent of schools, SCOE provides direct services to students, as well as a support infrastructure for local schools and districts that includes Instructional Services, Student Support Services, and Administrative Services. The office employs approximately 945 employees and manages a budget of $248 million.

Since sharing information across departments and districts is vital to the successful operation of SCOE and because the district offices are spread throughout the entire county (covering 9 cities & 1,494 square miles), centralizing the shared information has clearly become a necessity. “The reduction of error potential in having to keep two sets of the same grant binders updated at two different physical locations is enormous.”- Child/Family Services Before Laserfiche, SCOE had various methods of man-aging documents, most of which revolved around paper gathering and distribution. Be-cause of Laserfiche, “what once took me several hours to find in the basement, I found in six seconds. Thank you!” – Human Resources

SCOE’s short-term goal is to implement Laserfiche in all eight Internal Divisions (Administrative Services, Business Services, Career, Charter, & Alternative Education, Child & Family Services, Human Resources, Instructional Support Services, Special Education, and Technology & Learning Resources) and across our 25 district offices so that everyone is utilizing the same repository for information, thus reducing the need for paper and, more importantly, eliminating the possibility of disparate information. “With the reduction of filing cabinets, we now have office space for three more cubicles or a new meeting area.” – Internal Accounting

They currently have Laserfiche implemented in 11 Departments with a document count of over 600,000 and growing. They have 125 users and scheduled to implement Web Access in the next month, which will push them closer to 200 users.

The many benefits already realized since implementing Laserfiche are:

  • Substantial Time Savings in Searching for Documents (especially those stored in the basement or off-site)
  • Substantial Time Savings during Audits (for both staff and the Auditors) – They cut an entire day off of a week-long visit by having all of the necessary documents ready for the auditors before they arrived.
  • Office Space – One of the first departments who implemented Laserfiche reclaimed office space where eight lateral filing cabinets once stood.
  • Mailbox Space – Sharing documents within Laserfiche and e-mailing links to documents has resulted in fewer issues with our current mailbox size constraints, especially when communicating with district offices.
  • Paper Reduction – There has been substantial savings in paper being stored and photo-copied here at SCOE.
  • Network Server Space – Many departments are converting their electronic documents to TIFs and storing them in Laserfiche, resulting in fewer files on our network drives.
  • We are currently working on a photo storage implementation, which will allow our Communications staff to quickly and easily identify all pictures pertaining to a specific event and/or individual.
  • Utilizing PlanetPress, the software provides a seamless automated integration between Laserfiche and our financial system.

The support we received from ECS allowed us to fast-track upgrades to Laserfiche 8.2 and the implementations of PlanetPress & Web Access. Web Access will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to implement Laserfiche at District Offices.

PlanetPress is third-party software which integrates our financial system to Laserfiche, allowing reports to “print” directly into Laserfiche. This eliminates the need for staff to print out their reports, W-2s, check copies, etc. and then scan them into Laserfiche. The tool allows you to capture the print stream from any application and direct it into Laserfiche.

The Office of Education’s long-term goals are to:

  • Electronically integrate, wherever possible, all internal SCOE departments and District Offices, utilizing the Workflow feature in Laserfiche.
  • Navigate to a paperless environment using electronic forms with digital signatures.
  • Make public records accessible via the internet.
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