Victor Valley Transit

Victor Valley Transit Authority (VVTA) provides bus service in the cities of Victorville, Adelanto, Hesperia, Apple Valley, and surrounding communities. It also connects with Amtrak and Greyhound at the Victorville station and in San Bernardino it connects with Metrolink and Omnitrans buses. With over 1 million passengers annually, VVTA is the second largest transit operator in San Bernardino County.

When VVTA initially installed Laserfiche Avante, it was used to provide an archive location for all paper documents. They had just moved into a new facility that was built as a “40 year” project and the file room was already filled. They needed to maximize the use of their limited filing space and reduce the cost of ink and paper. Ultimately, they had a hard time finding archived files because many times parts of the file were in different locations or someone had checked out a file and not returned it. Additionally, file access was limited and locating needed files by a large portion of the staff was difficult.

The goal was to scan in and file over 500,000 pages of documents with the help of a temporary administrative staff per-son working full time for one year. Once this project was complete, VVTA began to look at other ways in which to bene-fit from Laserfiche.

While attending an ECS User Conference, VVTA staff was introduced to Laserfiche Workflow and how it can be used to automate specific business processes. “The Accounts Payable process was cumbersome and required the A/P clerk to run around trying to get approvals”, said Steven Riggs, Finance Di-rector for Victor Valley Transit Authority. The process also involved moving large amounts of source documents around to several locations and then eventually filing them, and some-times they were misfiled. ECS Imaging helped the VVTA team develop and deploy an Accounts Payable Workflow that eliminated processing errors and shortened the time it took to obtain all required approvals.

Using Workflow, they are now able to process all A/P through Laserfiche. This saves them a considerable amount of time not having to manually route documents for approval (and then go find them again). Documents are also automatically filed at the end of the process so the problem of misfiling and missing files have been eliminated.

After that positive experience, VVTA turned their attention to the Purchasing Department and decided to automate their Purchase Order process. “Again, ECS was an essential partner in making this successful”, said Riggs. “After development and deployment, our Purchase Order processing time was reduced by 75%”. Purchasing agents were ecstatic about how easy it was to route purchase requests for approval and actually having an electronic file to email to vendors simplified and shortened the order processing time.

Using Workflow, their Purchase order process is much better controlled. Documents are now routed electronically saving a lot of time getting approvals. Also, the routing is correct so necessary steps are not missed. Finally, the P.O. is electronically filed and sent to the vendor which has eliminated two manual steps. Overall, it’s quicker and more efficient than before.

During the development of the Purchase Order workflow, VVTA got the idea to automate employee leave requests. ECS informed VVTA that this can easily be done using Laserfiche Forms. The IT Manager had attended the Laserfiche Institute where he was introduced to Laserfiche Forms and thought it would be a powerful tool for his organization. “With ECS’s assistance we were able to deploy Laserfiche Forms for our employee leave requests in just one day”, Riggs said.

Using Forms, employees can now quickly and easily submit their time-off requests. The hassle of trying to find their supervisor and following up on where the request is in the process has been eliminated. They have also saved printing costs since the form is filled out electronically. Furthermore, they are experiencing time savings as Laserfiche Workflow files the completed requests automatically. There is also greater visibility as employees and supervisors are able to check/verify leave history in the Laserfiche repository.

VVTA is now looking at Laserfiche Forms and Workflow to improve processes for Facilities Maintenance Requests, Travel Requests, and Fixed Asset Disposal Requests. “We’ve grown 36% in our operations services in the last three years and have not had to hire any additional administrative staff”, Riggs said. Laserfiche has a lot to do with administrative efficiencies. “At an average fully loaded cost of $46,700 per administrator, we are saving money here!” Our files are much better organized. Researching archived documents is much easier, what took hours now takes only minutes. Disseminating information is much easier. “Instead of searching, researching, copying and then distributing, we only need to search and then we can email the pages directly out of Laserfiche. It’s great”, Riggs said.

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