Laserfiche empowers educational institutions – both large and small – to give students and teachers access to the documents they need when they need them.  By streamlining business processes and storing all content in a secure central location, Laserfiche increases productivity and responsiveness enterprise-wide.

Laserfiche enables cross-departmental collaboration by acting as a universal repository, centrally storing organizational content. Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same file and repetitive business processes like HR onboarding and financial aid disbursements can be automated, making your educational institution more robust and efficient.

Enhance Efficiency
The average business office at an educational institution has a myriad or responsibilities – processing invoices and contracts, managing grants or financial aid – and is forced to deal with large amounts of paper documents that result. Laserfiche eliminates the need for paper-based processes while increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Automated business process management improves information accessibility and decreases your organization’s reliance on time-consuming paper-based processes.

Education Success Stories

  • Santa Clara County Office of Education

    SCCOE found added value and rapid ROI in Laserfiche’s innovative, turn-key enterprise content management (ECM) solution when compared with slow, paper-based business and costly ECM alternatives.

  • Sweetwater Union High School District

    A long history with Laserfiche – beginning with version 4 in the mid-1990s – has allowed Sweetwater to grow with Laserfiche by first deploying in the payroll department and eventually expanding to more than 10.

  • Stanislaus County Office of Education

    Laserfiche implementation in more than 11 departments in this educational agency facilitated compliance and auditing, and allowed staff to reclaim and re-purpose office space used for storage.

"LaserFiche provided a timely solution to counselors, psychologists and teachers to plan coursework for students in court and to provide report cards which can be emailed to their new schools."
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