Many organizations believe that EHR/EMR systems promote organizational efficiency, but they are limited to managing structured content, leaving providers with no way to store, locate, route review or approve unstructured content such as:

Laserfiche functions as a critical complement to HER/EMR systems by allowing healthcare organizations to centrally and securely manage all of their content.

Centrally and Securely manage patient records
Whether or not your organization has an EHR/EMR system in place, Laserfiche increases efficiency by providing a central, secure digital repository for all patient information, including:

Extensive search capabilities enable staff members to quickly locate information buried deep within records, while flexible workflow rules automatically route records to the providers who need them. This save time and effort for your staff, and it also reduces gaps in communication between healthcare providers and decreases duplicate testing.

Improve Patient Service
Laserfiche streamlines admissions procedures and simplifies the work of front-desk personnel by allowing them to quickly scan and retrieve admissions items such as driver’s licenses, referrals, insurance cards and more.

Reduce Compliance Costs
Allow Laserfiche to serve as the central pillar to your HIPAA and Joint Commission compliance initiatives. It’s comprehensive, role-based security software protects confidential data while still allowing authorized users to instantly access necessary information.

Automate the Billing Process
Laserfiche streamlines the billing process by eliminating time-consuming searches and providing claim processors and service representative with on-demand access to EOBs, claims, statements and remittance information. It also increases efficiency by adding staff members who can work remotely.

Healthcare Success Stories

  • Valley Mountain Regional Center

    This non-profit incorporated Laserfiche content management to centrally and securely store patient records- saving numerous retrieval hours and increasing quality of care.

  • Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services

    Alameda County’s 15 clinics regained valuable storage space with the Laserfiche ECM system along with simplified retrieval, HIPAA compliance and Workflow automation.

Achieve Operational Efficiency and Responsiveness
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