In an industry powered by information, fast, efficient and secure access to information is critical. An industry-leading enterprise content management can provide many benefits to today’s justice systems by automating time-consuming paper-based processes including:

Automate Business Processes
Laserfiche helps you automate and streamline work processes wherever possible, from bringing information into the system to speeding labor-intensive paper-based processes.

Laserfiche Workflow provides a scalable, customizable workflow solution, while Quick Fields’ batch processing capabilities dramatically reduce the time you spend digitizing and indexing paper files.

Securely Share Information with Law Enforcement Agencies
The sharing of information between justice systems and government agencies has become increasingly more common, yet it’s sometimes difficult to securely share paper files to police, prosecutors, prison staff and probation officers. Laserfiche WebLink offers an innovative solution for cost-effective web publishing and secure information distribution between government agencies.

Ensure the Integrity of Records and Case Files
Laserfiche comes with built-in, comprehensive, role based security control and DoD 5015.2-certified so that crucial information is made accessible to authorized users when they need it.

Justice Success Stories

  • Hawaii County Prosecutor

    Laserfiche helped this county prosecutor reclaim office space previously used for storage and facilitated rapid retrieval of necessary documents by case workers and law enforcement agents.

  • Riverside County Courts

    When the need for an enterprise-wide document management solution became evident Laserfiche was chosen as the leading solution on the basis of ease of deployment, investment sustainability and ROI.

  • San Bernardino Police

    Laserfiche was selected as the document management solution to this police department’s aging optical jukebox system. The upgrade to a state-of-the-art Write Once Read Many (WORM) system with Workflow capability allowed for rapid ROI.

Learn about San Bernardino Superior Court’s Laserfiche Experience
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