The Latest New Features in Laserfiche 10.3

January 16, 2018 in Product Tips & Updates |
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Laserfiche has introduced all new features including enhanced reporting capabilities, a map-based document search, capability to simultaneously edit and collaborate on documents, and more. In addition, the 10.3 release includes many bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The Laserfiche web client 10.3 features a variety of new features, including simultaneous co-authoring of Microsoft Office documents, folder browser filtering, a variety of new metadata features, and document viewer updates, among others. In addition, the 10.3 release includes many bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Mobile App:
The Laserfiche 10.3 app release includes the Laserfiche Mobile Server, iOS app, Android app, and Windows app. This release introduces a number of new features including the ability to associate locations with new documents and search for the documents on a map. Additionally, offline documents, folders, and drafts can be automatically synced, documents can be linked together, a new Metadata pane displays entry information in one organized location, other annotations are supported, and more.

Laserfiche Forms 10.3 adds a wide-ranging set of features including a redesigned inbox layout, Process Designer updates, new options in the toolbar of the Design Processor, Forms Designer updates, new monitoring and reporting features, and more.

Laserfiche Connector 10.3 includes new features that let you run workflows, start profiles from the command line, and edit profiles in the Profile Creation wizard. Users can also now review token values while a profile is running.

Windows Client:
Now you can open audit reports directly from entries. The Laserfiche desktop administration console now includes support for the search thesaurus, which allows administrators to define associations between words.

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