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June 30, 2015 in General News |
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Over the course of the past month we’ve installed two new Lenovo servers. Fueled in part by Windows Server 2003 end of support, along with the need for more storage capacity and processing power, we decided to make the switch.  In the following paragraphs we’ll tell you 1) what servers we chose, 2) what we use them for and 3) why we chose Lenovo.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD650

Lenovo ThinkServer RD650

The first server, a Lenovo ThinkServer RD650, has effectively replaced three of our old servers. These were being used to manage our CRM, Exchange Server, SQL Server and Domain Controller for our more than 50 employees. As you can imagine, having one machine take on the tasks of three can result in huge energy savings. In addition the RD650 can safely operate at up to 113º without negatively affecting reliability. While our RD650 might have a high tolerance for Southern California’s heat, we won’t be turning off the AC anytime soon in consideration of our less ‘heat-tolerant’ IT components. Nevertheless, it’s still easy to see how cooling savings alone could be a large source of ROI for our Lenovo investment.

The RD560 is also hosting our new Connectwise CRM which is replacing our old CRM. Connectwise boasts streamlined processes to resolve support tickets and generally help our team to be more responsive to the needs of our client base.  The RD560 is by no means a one-size-fits-all solution. Our IT staff handpicked the components – processors, drives, storage capacity, etc. For example, our server uses both SAS and SATA drives which allows us to prioritize the need for responsiveness through virtualization.

Lenovo ThinkServer RD540

Lenovo ThinkServer RD540

The second server, a Lenovo ThinkServer RD540, is a dedicated remote desktop server. It provides connectivity to our sales force and administrative staff, allowing them to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The RD540 is optimized for virtualization and is a mainstream server designed to support a small number of users. It contrasts the RD650 in that its design is tailored for the needs of a small work-group, instead of a whole organization. The RD540 was much easier to configure compared to its more powerful sibling, the RD650. It essentially came ready to deploy and only required minimal assembly. Whereas the RD650 required the assembly of drives, ports and other components.

Why we chose Lenovo

Deciding which brand of servers to purchase in a market flooded with options and seemingly comparable models isn’t easy. Lenovo inspires confidence through its history of success and numerous industry achievements. Lenovo servers offer nearly endless customization and scalability that allow your information infrastructure to grow as your business does. As a company that promotes paperless business processes, we appreciate the fact that Lenovo servers come with built-in power management tools that lower thermal output and reduce the need for external climate control. This allows us to do our part in protecting the environment while meeting our bottom line and getting the performance we need.

We’re excited about our new servers and the opportunities they’ll create to server for us to better serve you. Contact us if you have any questions, or would like our team to help you decide which Lenovo Server is right for you.

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