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PSIcapture: Advanced Document Capture Software

PSIcapture is PSIGEN’s flagship product for advanced document capture and data extraction. It is a single capture platform designed to meet all the needs of an organization, including document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into a document repository.

  1. Processing documents is time-consuming. Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) was receiving more than 3,000 vendor bills each month, each of which was manually processed and had to be stored for up to 6 years. Investing in a PSIcapture advanced capture solution allowed the company to effortlessly process these invoices and store them in a digital archive, eliminating complicated, error-prone manual processing.
  2. Document storage is costly and inefficient. Prior to implementing their PSIcapture solution, ACRC was storing 25 full filing cabinets at a third party storage location, in addition to the multitude of file cabinets that were stored in their office space. Accessing documents at the offsite location was not only time-consuming, but it also cost them a fee to open the storage unit.
  3. The existing process is negatively impacting staff efficiency. Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) was experiencing serious business bottlenecks due to their physical records. With 35,000 files in storage and new files incoming every month, managing documents was complicated and inefficient. By incorporating PSIcapture and SharePoint, they were able to create an organized digital repository and an efficient method for processing incoming records.
  4. Your staff spends an excessive amount of time locating documents. As a non-profit, East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA) undergoes frequent government audits. Each time the agency was audited, Accounts Payable staff had to manually retrieve the requested files and then return them to the file cabinets. They were often required to provide up to 800 checks in one audit. By implementing PSIcapture advanced capture and integrating it with an M-Files ECM system, the AP staff is now able to pull up the documents for an audit via the ECM system’s search function. They no longer have to spend hours manually retrieving physical documents from storage.
  5. Information is scattered, making it difficult to keep track of the business as a whole. Mission Linen Supply has 2,500 employees in 45 locations and serves more than 50,000 customers. The company had more than 35,000 physical contracts stored across its various locations. The company invested in a PSIcapture and SharePoint solution that allowed them to move their current contracts to a digital format, and automate the processing of all new documents. They now have full visibility of the business as a whole and are able to accurately forecast and make informed decisions for the company.

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PSIcapture's advanced document capture and data extraction features were developed with the real needs of businesses in mind. The tools provided through PSIcapture allow businesses to streamline their information—whether physical documents, digital files, incoming faxes or another format—extract the important information to convert them to searchable PDFs, and route it all to a digital repository.

This is about much more than just converting documents from paper to digital format. It’s about turning your data into useful information that can be used to run your business more efficiently.

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