Contract Management

Contract Management

Expedite contract approvals

Automate review and monitor all steps in the contract life cycle.

  • Create and reuse standard digital contract templates to eliminate repetitive work.
  • Track responses and changes between internal and third-party stakeholders.
  • Enable multiple stakeholders to simultaneously view the most current contract versions every time.
  • Set up automatic reports for contract renewals or amendments

View, edit, sign and approve contracts from anywhere

Get contracts and agreements approved faster with mobile access.

  • Review contracts from any internet-connected device.
  • Email shortcuts of contract drafts to required parties so everyone can review the same document.
  • Use digital signatures to approve contracts from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Approve contracts with automated review workflows.
Quickly respond to every contract request

Immediately find information to answer inquiries at any stage in the contract process.

  • Retain contracts only as long as required by industry and corporate regulations.
  • Instantly find items when a vendor, auditor or third party requests information.
  • Automatically run searches for contracts that are missing signatures and other information.

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