Cost-effectively deliver critical public services

Reduce bottlenecks, improve public service delivery and cut administrative overhead.

  • Operational Processes: Automate contract management, accounts payable and human resources processes and more.
  • Case Management: Provide case workers with remote access to complete case files.
  • Permitting: Improve revenue generation by electronically reviewing, issuing and managing permits.
  • Agenda Management: Automate the creation, assembly and distribution of agenda packets.
  • FOIA requests: Maintain information transparency by quickly responding to public information requests.

Consistently enforce DoD 5015.2-certified records management

Centralize the entire lifecycle of government records from creation to final disposition.

  • Automatically create retention schedules and records structures for all document types.
  • Provide one view of record structures for clerks and records managers and a simplified view for other staff members.
  • Enforce information governance policies regardless of record format, location or content.
  • Log all system activity and use granular security rights to demonstrate compliance at every step
Increase transparency with digital public records

Make vital public information easily accessible.

  • Expedite document search and retrieval with instant, digital access to records.
  • Provide public access to agendas, permits and other documents with simple, Section 508-compliant web portals.
  • Speed response times to permit requests and other applications with customizable electronic forms.
  • Enable council members, case workers, public works employees, law enforcement and others to view and submit the most up-to-date files on mobile devices.

Create cost-effective shared services

Meet the needs of individual departments while streamlining IT administration.

  • Eliminate the need for individual groups to maintain different document management systems.
  • Share documents between departments while protecting confidential information.
  • Integrate with GIS, ERP, state databases and other core systems for complete information sharing across applications.

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