Email Archiving
Email Archiving

Email Manager is an innovative Laserfiche integration that allows for email archiving through efficient storage of email correspondence into your existing Laserfiche repository. Email Manager is compatible with both Outlook® and Exchange® and can provide significant productivity gains in a wide variety of business settings.

Email Archiving Applications:

    • HR
    • Customer Service
    • Legal
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Purchasing
    • Project Management

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Why This Service Is Superior

Laserfiche boxEmail Manager integrates with your mail server and the mail client supporting both the needs of IT and the business. Automated classification, thread tracking, and archiving make it simple for users and administrators to provide context to email correspondence which should be captured into your Laserfiche document management system. Seamless integration with the mail server, Outlook and Laserfiche allow message threads to be captured automatically as archived records – Minimizing risk and increasing productivity at the same time. Email Manager empowers organizations to manage correspondence, business processes, and compliance as a unified go-to solution.

email Manager - Work Smarter (Video)

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