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Laserfiche Cloud is an online document management system, allowing you to upload, view, and work with your content using a streamlined web interface. With Laserfiche Cloud, you can access your content wherever you go, whether from a computer or on a mobile device. Laserfiche Cloud also provides you with tools to ensure that your data is secure.

Laserfiche Cloud at a Glance

• Upload, view and modify content in a streamlined fully responsive web interface
• Create new documents and digitize existing archives
• Work with documents in a secure, digital document repository
• Facilitate compliance and reduce risk management with built-in-audit reports
• Manage, create and set up security rights from one administrative login
• Connect your repository to productivity applications with built-in Microsoft Office® integration
• Schedule bulk import and archival of paper and electronic documents
• Automatically share, process and update forms and customer data with the included Laserfiche Integration with Laser App®
• Integrate other third-party applications–including most CRM systems–with one click using Laserfiche Connector, a code-free integration tool

                     Laserfiche Cloud Repository

Capture Documents From Any Device

Laserfiche Cloud makes it easy to centralize paper and electronic files from multiple devices.

• Scanning: Convert paper records to imaged files on demand by connecting your scanner to Laserfiche Cloud with the Laserfiche Scanning tool
• Digital Capture: Reduce back-office work by saving to default folders with one click, auto-importing documents and automatically populating metadata
• Mobile Capture: Turn photos taken on phones and tablets into searchable, secure documents

Simplify Process Management

Save hours of staff time with built-in business process management tools that boost staff productivity and simplify task management for resource-intensive, multi-department processes including invoice processing, travel and expense management and contract management.

• Electronic Forms: Create and publish customized e-forms that require no coding or scripting
• Work Automation: Kick off routing and approval workflows when e-forms are submitted
• Process Management: View dashboards and reports of all submitted forms, pending and complete tasks and approval histories
• Mobile Integration: Review and approve submitted forms from any mobile device to keep business processes moving forward no matter where you are

                 Process Automation Dashboard                                                Workflow Designer

Enable Rapid Adoption With User-Friendly Features

Get employees, customers, contractors and third parties using digital documents quickly with repositories that provide filtered, personalized views of files and options.

Custom User Views: Filter by recently opened, frequently used and active documents
Rich Search: Instantly retrieve documents with quick and advanced search options tailored to individual users’ security rights
Robust Metadata: View and modify all document metadata, annotations, fields and other modifications in a single user-friendly pane

                 Advanced Search Options

Protect Documents With Robust Auditing And Security

Bring control and transparency to your operations with built-in tools that manage the use of information assets stored throughout your Laserfiche Cloud system.

• Automatic Auditing: Automatically generate reports of user actions, document access and modifications
• Built-In Disaster Recovery: Perform system backups automatically without user intervention
• Granular System Security: Control user actions and document access down to the metadata level from a streamlined administration account
• Digital Signatures: Post signing requests to DocuSign® to sign documents directly from Laserfiche Cloud

                                                                    Security and Auditing

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Cloud Advantages

Collaboration anywhere, anytime

Digitize, organize, automate, and secure information across your organization to transform how you work

Rapid user onboarding

Get up and running quickly – rapid implementation, ready to deploy process library, and easy user adoption minimizes dependence on internal resources


Provides recognized, industry-leading security with AWS, file encryption, and stability with a comprehensive set of products

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About Laserfiche

laserficheSince 1987, Laserfiche® has used its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management solutions. More than 40,000 organizations worldwide—including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies—use Laserfiche software to streamline documents, records and business process management.

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