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Put the actionable information that’s locked away in paper forms, faxes, electronic databases, legacy systems and software applications to work for you. With Laserfiche Quick Fields, you accelerate the flow of useful information in business operations, reducing labor costs and eliminating errors associated with manual data entry—while empowering staff to use their time more productively.


  • Reduce labor-intensive, error-prone manual sorting and data entry.
  • Gain more control over capture processes with flexible configuration tools.
  • Integrate Laserfiche Quick Fields into existing business processes.

Optimize Your Resource Usage
Designed for high-volume environments, Laserfiche Quick Fields’ production-level tools automatically capture precise pieces of information from paper and electronic documents, turning unstructured information into a viable, actionable resources. By improving the speed and accuracy of repetitive manual processes, Laserfiche Quick Fields also helps you conserve staff time and IT resources.

Capture the Power Of Your Information
Add documents from both paper and electronic sources into your repository with capture tools designed to simplify repetitive processes. From automatically cleaning up scanned images for improved text and data extraction to automatically correcting scanning errors, Laserfiche Quick Fields provides the functionality you need to capture information faster—and more accurately.

  • Read text from electronic documents to quickly sort documents and extract information to fill out fields and create folder paths.
  • Capture and process documents in a variety of electronic formats, including PDFs and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Adjust to changing business conditions by reprocessing documents already in your Laserfiche repository.
  • Schedule automated processing sessions around the clock, without requiring operator intervention.

Identify and Classify Documents Without Manual Processing
Manual sorting isn’t just time-consuming and error-prone—it’s also expensive. Laserfiche Quick Fields automatically identifies and sorts documents, enabling you to customize handling, processing and information-capture for specific document types. Whether you recognize forms or documents based on page format or size, document contents or other characteristics, you eliminate the need for manual sorting and processing.

With Laserfiche Quick Fields, you can easily manage multiple document classes in a single processing session, optimizing resources and improving processing speed. Classify documents using barcodes, fields, form identification or any characteristics that fit your organization’s needs—Laserfiche Quick Fields automatically pulls the information you need from large batches of unsorted documents, preventing costly errors and operational bottlenecks. You save time and resources, enabling staff to spend time on more productive tasks.

  • Automatically identify and sort forms, customize information capture for specific forms and optimize the quality of scanned images.
  • Use document characteristics, contents or size to identify whether a page is the beginning of a new document.
  • Use iFilter technology to recognize the text associated with electronic documents.
  • Schedule automated processing sessions around the clock, without requiring operator intervention.

Quick Fields module options:

  • Bar Code – reads a variety of industry standard bar codes horizontally and vertically.
  • Zone OCR – automatically extracts text from specific form areas for rapid data capture and index field population.
  • Real-Time Lookup – populates template fields and validates metadata by retrieving data stored in client databases and other applications.
  • Pattern Matching – uses regular expressions to separate extracted data, such as zip codes, from larger blocks of text captured by Zone OCR and verifies that is correctly formatted.
  • Check Scanning – captures images of checks with supported Digital Check Corporation (DCC) scanners.
  • Form Identification – automatically recognizes the form or document based on its overall structure, even in the absence of barcodes, form data or other distinguishing information.
  • Form Registration – automatically repositions the document to match a master form, correcting for scanning errors and improving data extraction.
  • Form Extractor – removes form outlines, isolating data for more accurate capture.
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) – detects marks on surveys, tests and ballots. OMR can determine whether check boxes have been filled in.
  • Document Classification – eliminates the need for sorting prior to forms processing by recognizing multiple types of forms in a single session.

Service Advantages:


Reduce labor-intensive, error-prone manual sorting and data entry.


Gain more control over capture processes with flexible configuration tools.


Integrate Laserfiche Quick Fields into existing business processes.

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Find out how Quick Fields increases organizational productivity by automating capture and indexing processes.

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