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The Laserfiche content management system is designed to be straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend, administer and support. Our solutions give IT managers central control over their information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while still offering business units the flexibility to react quickly to changing conditions. To simplify system administration, the Laserfiche product suite is built on top of Microsoft technologies, deploys quickly and easily scales to accommodate both an increasing number of users and high-volume repository growth.

Full-Text Search:

Search the contents of the entire repository (imaged and electronic documents) for a specific word or phrase. Find what you need despite alternate spellings or typos, using fuzzy search and search stemming, and use Boolean searches to narrow your focus.

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Text Generation:

Make image files full-text searchable through OCR, and use image enhancements to improve your OCR results. Generate text from electronic documents to make them searchable as well.

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Property/Metadata Search:

Search on a single property or a combination, including location, file type, creation date, or user-defined metadata such as field values, tags, document relationships and version information.

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Search Toolbar:

Automatically perform the most commonly used searches (text, field, annotation and name), as well as custom searches.

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Search Options:

Perform basic and advanced searches through simple user interfaces or with user-provided syntax.

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Based on Windows navigation standards for a familiar look and feel in the user interface. Administrators can customize repository views to suit needs of information workers, and users can customize the interface to suit their preferences and job functions.

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Microsoft Office:

Send documents directly to Laserfiche from Office applications. Open Office documents in Laserfiche directly in their native applications, and add or change Laserfiche metadata without leaving that program.

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Microsoft Outlook E-mail:

From Laserfiche, archive e-mail and automatically extract message properties as metadata, as well as e-mail documents directly from the repository. From an Outlook e-mail message, browse the Laserfiche repository to attach documents.

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Web Folders/WebDAV:

Expose the Laserfiche folder structure through Windows Explorer for simple drag-and-drop and browsing.

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Microsoft SharePoint:

Add document imaging and records management to SharePoint out of the box with Web Parts, a Records Center integration and a search integration. Use Laserfiche Workflow to automatically create tasks for users within SharePoint.

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Workflow Designer:

Create workflows with an intuitive, graphical design tool that provides a top-down process map and wizard-driven configuration.

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Built-In Activities:

Create workflows quickly from a toolbox of built-in activities that include routing choices, Laserfiche actions, enterprise integration, PDF form processing, and digital signature options.

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Customized Routing:

Route documents based on conditions you define or specify different actions to be taken before or after a deadline, or after a specified event occurs.

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PDF Forms:

Read information from PDF forms to expedite business processes, automatically file information, or assign metadata. Also fill out a PDF form with data from a Laserfiche entry or a third-party database accessible by Laserfiche.

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Extensible Functionality:

Create custom VB.NET and C# scripts using a built-in editor or design your own activities.

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Workflow Operations:

Administer workflows across your organization, with import/export capabilities, workflow instance reporting, manual termination functionality, and user roles and security options.

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF):

Use activities written for Windows Workflow Foundation to extend Workflow functionality to all line-of-business applications.

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Active Directory Integration:

Allow employees to use single sign-on authentication with a Windows domain account, and simplify your administration by taking advantage of existing domain and directory groups.

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Permission Inheritance:

Configure access through group membership, and allow users to inherit security settings from the groups they belong to.

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Access Control Lists:

Secure documents through access control lists, security tags and privileges.

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Role-Based Authorization:

Use granular permissions to grant access based on a user’s role.

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Privilege Delegation:

Delegate administrative roles to more than one user with individual permissions.

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Secure Deletions:

Secure deletions with DoD 5022.22 M–compatible deletion protocols.

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Secure Recycle Bin:

Documents in recycle bin have original security fully intact. Administrators can control which users are allowed to permanently purge items from the recycle bin.

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Volume Checksums:

Verify the contents of your volume have not been altered outside of Laserfiche.

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Secure Communication:

Support for SSL for secure communication.

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Digital Signatures:

Sign and validate document contents directly within your repository using digital signatures.

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Security Watermarks:

Create mandatory watermarks for printed, exported, or viewed documents.

laserfiche content management laserfiche content management

Uniquely Addressable Documents:

Access any Laserfiche document with a unique URL or entry ID.

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Workflow SDK:

Work with the Laserfiche Workflow engine by integrating enterprise applications or creating custom business process steps.

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Solutions and Integrations:

Jump-start your Laserfiche implementation with expert advice, from tips and tricks to custom integrations. The Laserfiche Solution Exchange and the Support Site’s Code Library offer working examples, often with complete code samples, which can be used out of the box or extended.

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Extensible Web Interfaces:

Customize Web interfaces built on ASP.NET.

laserfiche content management Optional

Laserfiche SDK:

Integrate Laserfiche with third-party systems, such as Web sites, scripts, and Windows applications.

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Customize Web interfaces built on ASP.NET.

Optional Optional

Quick Fields Script Editor:

Create C# or VB.NET scripts and assign them to a Quick Fields 8.3 event, such as Document Created, Document Unidentified, and Document Stored. When the event takes place, scripts tied to the event are executed.

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Document Metadata:

Add user-defined metadata to documents, such as tags, document relationships, and customized field and template information.

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Versions and Check-In/Out:

Keep track of changes to documents and aid collaboration with automated version control and check-in/check-out. Document versions allow users to modify documents while maintaining the document’s history. In addition, when a document is checked out, users can make changes to the document without worrying about edit conflicts—and other users can still view read-only versions of that document.

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Track changes to all system events with a built-in auditing solution for security and compliance. Create and view reports as tables or charts through the Audit Trail Web Reporter portal, or further customize them using a .NET library or Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

laserfiche content management Optional

Service Advantages:


Build in auditing features and comprehensive security controls allow system administrators to control who has access to files and facilitates the audit process.


The familiar, Windows-like user interface is simple and intuitive allowing end-users to learn the Laserfiche system in a matter of hours – not days.

Open Architecture:

Laserfiche’s open framework allows integration with countless commercial and proprietary systems – GIS, CRM, ect- making possible increased productivity and ROI.

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