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Laserfiche’s agile infrastructure allows for practically endless possibilities to bring added value to you content management platform through Laserfiche integration software.

Laserfiche Connector

Laserfiche Connector provides a streamlined experience for integrating Laserfiche with line of business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Laserfiche Connector integrates easily through user-defined hotkeys and embedded icons.

Laserfiche Connector allows:

  • Searching the Laserfiche repository based on fields from third-party applications such as CRM and ERP systems. Both basic and advanced searching are supported. If only one result is found, the document will automatically open in the Laserfiche Client, Laserfiche Web Access or Laserfiche WebLink.
  • Launching Laserfiche Scanning and automatically populating metadata for the scanned documents with information from a third-party application.
  • Connecting two applications by allowing one of them to start the other (including the ability to pass parameters between them).
  • Choosing whether any of the above actions are activated from a keyboard shortcut, a button embedded in the application’s title bar, or both.

Laserfiche Software Development Kit (SDK Toolkit)

The SDK (Software Development Kit) allows your organization to more effectively put content to use by integrating Laserfiche with third party applications. Custom solutions can be created using any language with COM support, which means Web sites, scripts, Windows applications, or anything else compatible with COM libraries, including all .NET languages, can easily communicate with the Laserfiche Server. The SDK comes with detailed documentation that includes tutorials and sample source code in C# and Visual Basic .NET.

List of Integrated Products:

The ECS team of professionals has executed numerous successful integrations between Laserfiche and 3rd party applications, including but not limited to:

  • Financial Systems: InCode-Tyler Technologies, Munis Financial, JD Edwards, Eden Financial, Oracle Financial, Springbook, QSS, Peoplesoft Financials
  • ERP Systems: Peoplesoft, Datatel, Microsoft Navision, Linux based Green-screen
  • Permit Systems: CRW Permits, H.T.E., Accela, Eden, Tyler Technologies-Energov
  • GIS Systems: ESRI, AutoDesk, Geo Docs
  • Law and Justice: ISD Court Case Management, HITS (Hawaii Island Tracking System), ECS Custom Upload to District Attorney, Mugshot and Sixpack Applications
  • Other Applications: Email Archiving Integration, PlanetPress Transactional Documents Integration, Psigen, DocuSign, Ratchet X, Microsoft SharePoint, Amazon Cloud

See Laserfiche Integration with DocuSign for additional information. Please also see the Laserfiche DocuSign Demo Video.

Service Advantages:


The Laserfiche application programming interface (API) allows you to add increased value to existing systems through seamless integration, and the ability to create custom applications designed according to your organization’s needs.


A crucial component of the API, Laserfiche Server Objects allows third-party applications to communicate with the Laserfiche server enabling automation of complex business processes while increasing productivity and lowering administrative costs.


On the Laserfiche Support Site, you’ll have 24/7 access to two key resources that help you maximize the value of your Toolkit investment: the Toolkit Forum and the Laserfiche Code Library.

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