Records Management
Laserfiche Records management

Records Management

An effective records management solution must be reliable, secure and assist in reducing regulatory compliance costs. It must be flexible, meeting the needs of system administrators, record managers and end-users. A digital records solution must have comprehensive security controls allowing users to see crucial information to effectively complete their daily tasks, while empowering managers to automate records management processes in compliance with DoD standard 5015.2.

Laserfiche Records Management Edition seamlessly combines an industry-leading enterprise content management solution and DoD 5015.2 certified records management into one, powerful solution.

DoD 5015.2 Certified
Laserfiche Records Management Edition is a DoD 5015.2 certified solution. Department of Defense certified records management solutions must meet very specific requirements and pass vigorous testing, creating a trustworthy industry standard for record management systems.

Transparent Records Management
Easily meet the needs of both record managers and general users with Laserfiche Records Management Edition. Both record managers and general users can simultaneously organize the same repository as they like without altering the location of files.

Reduce Compliance Costs
Many industries from local government to healthcare are obligated to follow strict regulatory guidelines which drive up storage costs. The cost for not complying can sometimes include civil and criminal liability for improper recordkeeping. Laserfiche Records Management Edition takes a burden off your organization by simplifying compliance and reducing storage and retrieval costs.

  • Support compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, USA PATRIOT ACT, and more.
  • Safeguard document integrity with comprehensive access controls.
  • Easily prove retention compliance with built-in auditing trails.
  • Archive to unalterable media in compliance with SEC, NASD and other regulations.

Service Advantages

Eliminate retrieval time

Laserfiche Records Management Edition enhances productivity through instant, flexible search and retrieval, eliminating the need to spend time searching for paper-based documents.

Worry-free Consistency

No need to worry about proper document filing with Laserfiche Records Management Edition. Laserfiche ensures proper filing through mandatory metadata acquisition and automated extraction of e-mail data – without additional training to the end user.

Enforce Retention

Laserfiche Records Management Edition empowers record managers to enforce consistent records policies regardless of location or content type. Records are secured in your Laserfiche repository – with comprehensive access controls – from cutoff to destruction.

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"ECS takes very good care of our city’s records management needs"

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