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AVTA Simplifies Records Management with Laserfiche

The Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) is located in Southern California, approximately 70 miles north of Los Angeles. Its principal office and bus facility for its active fleet of 71 buses is situated in the city of Lancaster, California.

AVTA began operations in 1992 with three services: Transit, Commuter and Dial-A-Ride. AVTA’s total service area covers 1,200 square miles and is bounded by the Kern County line to the north, the San Bernardino County line to the east, the Angeles National Forest to the south, and Interstate 5 to the West. AVTA’s customer base continues to grow and ridership has continued to increase at a rapid pace.

As the organization continues to grow so does the volume of paperwork that AVTA must process and manage. As such, the two challenges that AVTA faced involved an excessive amount of duplication of records and difficulty searching for and retrieving information required from other departments.

In early 2015, AVTA issued an RFP for an Electronic Document Management System solution, and subsequently selected Laserfiche and ECS Imaging. “ECS was the highest rated proposal of all respondents during AVTA’s procurement process,” said Lyle Block, Procurement Officer at AVTA. “We did our research on Laserfiche and found that Law Enforcement spoke highly of the software and ranked it 5 out of 5, which is what convinced us this software would be the best fit for our organizations’ needs”, he added.

In April of 2015, ECS installed a Laserfiche Avante system with 33 Full Users, 1 Additional Repository, Distributed Computing Cluster (load balancing), Records Management, Advanced Audit Trail, Forms, Web Access, Laserfiche Mobile, Quick Fields (automated data capture tools), Real Time Lookup, Zone OCR, Import Agent, Connector, and Digital Signatures. The system is being utilized by the following departments: Accounting, Communications, Customer Service, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations and Maintenance, Procurement and RIM (Records Information Management).

The Laserfiche system was implemented in order to help AVTA minimize and even eliminate the unnecessary duplication of documents and records within the organization. The system would also enable them to easily search for and locate required information from other departments.

During the implementation process ECS provided services to integrate Laserfiche with their current financial system database (Tyler) so the AVTA could minimize the time and effort required in importing accounting records and employee information into Laserfiche.

AVTA also took advantage of Laserfiche Workflow capabilities in order to streamline record management processes such as adding a standardized naming convention and a systematic records retention policy to digital records in the system, all of which follow similar actions. The workflow retrieves the field values, renames the document based on what type of document it is. It then moves the document to the proper record series which sets the retention policy. A shortcut is placed in an intuitive folder structure which allows for easier folder browsing. Another workflow runs on a monthly basis and checks the system for documents coming up for retention. It also emails the Retention Manager letting them know.

Laserfiche has made it easier to search for records. Since the implementation, AVTA has seen a considerable savings in the amount of time spent managing physical and digital records. During financial audits AVTA will be able to more efficiently find and provide records requested by auditors, as opposed to the previous process, which required a lot of time and effort to search for and locate the requested records.

Future plans for AVTA include implementing Laserfiche Forms to automate and facilitate the gathering of public information as well as processing public information requests.

“ECS did a great job gathering the requirements of each business unit as well the transferring of those requirements into Laserfiche workflow to automate business processes”, said Francynn Tobar, Records Management Technician, “They were a tremendous resource in guiding AVTA through the journey of implementing a document management system to best fit our company’s needs”, she added.

One recommendation Francynn gives to organizations just starting out with a new Laserfiche system is, “stick to it, the more the company utilizes it the greater the benefits will be.”

Francynn Tobar, Records Management Technician and Keven Ray, IT Manager, contributed to this story.

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