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Ol’ Laserfiche: the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

The City of Dublin is a suburban city located in the East Bay region of Alameda County about 35 miles east of downtown San Francisco. Dublin is the second fastest growing city in the state behind Santa Clarita, with an estimated population of over 60,000 residents.

The City started using Laserfiche in 2004 so they could store Building Department and Fire Department permits and plans. Currently, ECS supports the City’s Avante system with 15 Users, Public Portal with unlimited retrieval-only access, Forms Essentials, Mobile, Import Agent, Plus, and ScanConnect.

During a recent ECS User Group hosted at the City, IT Manager Tim Eisler, a 20 year veteran of the City, shared these best practices and tips on how the City searches and scans in Laserfiche. When searching in Laserfiche, it is helpful to:

  • Search unique words as well as keywords to the document you are searching for
  • Start your search within a specific folder, volume, or date range, so you are not searching all of Laserfiche which will take longer.

When scanning in Laserfiche, it’s important to remember to:

  • Scan in black and white when possible because color makes files too large
  • Generate pages and delete electronic files (LF can automatically do that when uploading)
  • OCR all pages – VERY important because that’s what makes documents searchable
    • Not OCR’ed means not searchable (LF can automatically do that when uploading)
  • Fill in as much Metadata as possible (metadata is also searchable)
    • You don’t need to fill it in one document at a time. You can upload everything, then highlight all documents and fill in the metadata all at once.

The City utilizes Weblink Public Portal to provide the public with access to City Documents.

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The City uses a storage device for WORM (Write Once Read Many) Trusted Systems compliance called Assureon. The Admin page, displayed below, shows disc space and statistics. The City has used 40% of 8TB of space.

Assureon creates an event log page and sends daily emails with a file sync report. Another report is emailed showing how many files are transferred daily.

Download Success Story: ECS City of Dublin 2019

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