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Brentwood Simplifies Retrieval with Laserfiche

Located in the east region of the San Francisco Bay area, the City of Brentwood grew up as a farming community and has experienced a population surge since the early 1990s. More than 60,000 residents now call the City of Brentwood home. With a growing population, an increasing need for city services and an exponential increase in paperwork, the City of Brentwood required a better way to keep track of and organize thousands of city related documents. The City needed to store all of its permanent records in one location and make them easy to find and access. The solution came in the form of a Laserfiche Document Management System.

ECS Imaging was selected for the City of Brentwood’s support contract in July of 2010 and has provided ongoing maintenance and support services for their installed version of Laserfiche. The City is currently on version 8.0. The system is being utilized in the City Clerk’s Office, Building Department, Planning Department and Police Department. An additional database was installed for the Police Department for the purposes of limiting access of confidential police records to only authorized law enforcement personnel. As of now, the Police Department has scanned files dating back to 1955 and currently has over 86 gigabytes of data stored in their Laserfiche database.

The City has 33 licenses and has Advanced Audit Trail to track and report on all events that occur in Laserfiche. Weblink provides secure, read-only access to documents stored in Laserfiche through an internet connection. Other modules in the City’s Laserfiche arsenal include Import Agent, Quick Fields, Real-Time Look Up and Zone OCR. Quick Fields provides the ability to extract specific information from the documents being scanned so the data can be inserted automatically into a template field associated with the document. This process provides more efficiency in indexing and retrieving files.

The primary reason behind the City’s decision to purchase a document management system was simple, to accurately store, keep track of and easily find permanent records. The process prior to Laserfiche was tedious and time consuming and involved manually searching through filing cabinets for a hard copy. Now that all documents are being scanned into Laserfiche, staff and the public can access the documents they need immediately. The City also scans business license applications and renewals, utility billing work orders, customer letters and other applications. City of Brentwood A Paperless Vision.


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