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Laserfiche Reduces Processing Time for Records Requests

Located approximately 13 miles south of downtown Los Angeles and 14 miles from Los Angeles International Airport, the City of Carson is home to almost 92,000 residents. Carson was incorporated in February of 1968 and became the eighth largest city in the County of Los Angeles at the time. The city was named after one of the two prominent family names in the region’s history; Carson and Dominguez.

For many years the City used a document management system called Questys, the system limited their ability to share information between departments. The six city departments were managing individual databases within the system and information could not be shared with other departments. There were many issues identified over a period of time and employees eventually stopped using the system and ceased all scanning activity. As a result, the City wanted to find another solution with a local vendor who was responsive to their needs and could assist them quickly.

Donesia Gause, Carson City Clerk was already familiar with Laserfiche from her experience using the software at the City of Long Beach. The IT Manager had also heard about ECS Imaging and Laserfiche several years earlier. “Our ECS Imaging Representative would visit and call regularly to remind us about ECS and Laserfiche”, Donesia said. We were already aware that Laserfiche is one of the prominent document management solutions used by cities in California and that ECS has a great reputation in serving California municipalities.

Donesia knew the benefits of Laserfiche and wanted a single repository for all departments to store and retrieve documents. Ultimately, the City of Carson wanted to be more transparent so that all city documents were easily accessible by employees and the public. ECS was instrumental in implementing and installing a Laserfiche system for the City and helping them convert their legacy document management system to Laserfiche in less than 30 days. Now, the city is using a single repository to store documents and information and all departments can access the information while maintaining document security across departments.

The City is currently using a Laserfiche Avante System with Workflow capabilities. Import Agent which monitors a network folder and automatically pulls documents from that folder into Laserfiche, and the Public Portal for secure access to Laserfiche through a web browser.

Like all cities in California, Carson must comply with all legal obligations as mandated for municipal government entities. In addition, the city wants to maintain a high level of transparency so that information can be readily available and easily accessible. Ultimately, the City needed technology that would allow them to do more with fewer resources, efficiently and effectively. Laserfiche was the solution that delivered these requirements.

In the near future, Donesia’s goal is to have all city departments use Laserfiche, to scan all documents into the system, and to continue using all of the available functionality Laserfiche has to offer. The City plans to have ECS assist them in the design and implementation of workflows to improve productivity. The City also wants to provide the public with access to city documents through the Laserfiche Public Portal in order to reduce the number of public requests processed by staff. Spending less time on document search and retrieval means more time dedicated to other projects and services.

Long term goals for the City involve the use of more automated workflows to streamline repetitive processes. The city also realizes the benefits of using Electronic Forms to collect information and further automate repetitive processes.

“ECS Imaging has been a great partner during our journey into document and records management; they are always there when we need them. Their representatives continually support and train us at a moment’s notice. ECS staff are very knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and extremely helpful”, said Donesia. We receive, “great service by a company that cares and understands the needs and challenges that municipal entities are facing”, she said.

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