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Using Laserfiche in the Creative City

The City of West Hollywood, known locally as WEHO, is in the County of Los Angeles and includes such landmarks as the Sunset Strip, the Fairfax District, and numerous nightclubs, comedy clubs, and live music venues. With a population of over 36,000 residents the city has a rich and vibrant artistic culture.

In 2012, the City issued an RFP for an Enterprise Content Management System as part of a strategic plan to help reduce the costs and complexity of managing documents. The City needed a way to automate and optimize paper-based business processes across the enterprise, while providing transparency and accessibility to public documents for its citizens

ECS Imaging and Laserfiche were selected through the RFP process to provide the solution that would enable the City to improve workforce productivity, enhance customer service and provide more effective collaboration with vendors, partners, and citizens

ECS installed a Laserfiche Avante system with 12 users, and includes Web Client to provide access via the internet, Mobile Access for use with a smart phone or device, Weblink for read-only access to documents by the public, Quick Fields Real Time Lookup for automated data capture, Import Agent for use with multifunction scanner/copiers, Forms Essentials to create and submit electronic forms, and Workflow for business process automation. The implementation project also included the conversion of 175 GBs of data from LibertyNet to Laserfiche

The project was divided into two phases. Phase one included converting documents from their previous document management system into Laserfiche, customizing weblink to provide easy searching of documents for users, configuring Quick Fields Real Time database Lookup with HDL and Eden, and developing workflows to automate the OCR process and auto-naming of documents.


Phase two involved scanning documents into Laserfiche for various departments throughout the city. An RFP was issued for scanning services and the City selected ECS to provide document scanning services to the Rent Control Department, Legal Division, and Finance Department documents. The system was also expanded to include the Community Development Department. ECS provided professional services to integrate Laserfiche with TrackIt, to create a custom script to import documents with Import Agent, and to develop workflows for converted microfilm that will auto-create folders and auto-name the documents.

In the six years the City has been using Laserfiche, the size of the system has grown from 175 GB to 1 Terabyte, includes 26 document templates for metadata making it easier to search and locate specific documents, and 25 workflows that provide renaming, auto-filing, OCR processing, and reprocessing of documents when they are updated.

Future plans for the City include upgrading to SQL 2016, implementing WORM storage, utilizing Forms and more scanning.

Download PDF: ECS City of West Hollywood 2018

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