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Automating Records Retention with Laserfiche

Olivenhain Municipal Water District (OMWD) provides water, wastewater services, recycled water, hydroelectricity and operates the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve for approximately 80,000 residents in northern San Diego County. OMWD is responsible for maintaining 17 water storage reservoirs with a capacity of nearly 80 million gallons of water, over 400 miles of potable water lines and a water treatment plant that treats up to 34 million gallons of water a day. Additionally, OMWD manages the 4S Ranch Water Reclamation Facility that produces as much as 2 million gallons of recycled water per day, while it maintains 46 miles of recycled water pipeline and sewer services to 6,000 dwellings in 4S Ranch and Rancho Cielo. Furthermore, OMWD oversees operations of the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve, a 784-acre natural reserve with 11 miles of trails.

Managing all these facilities and services over a 48-square mile area requires efficient and effective business processes. When the ability to maintain and easily retrieve documents relating to specific projects became an issue, OMWD knew they needed a solution. In 2009, ECS Imaging was instrumental in implementing a Laserfiche Document Management Solution to help OMWD keep track of permanent records, minutes, resolutions, ordinances, long-term records and projects. Before Laserfiche, they had too many duplicate files. Employees didn’t know which department kept certain records and sometimes they couldn’t find the documents at all. Since Laserfiche, permanent, long-term and short-term documents have been scanned into Laserfiche generating successful retrieval rates when searching for required documents, according to Leslie

Naritelli, Records and Contracts Coordinator for OMWD. Records dating back to 1959 have been scanned into Laserfiche.

ECS Imaging initially implemented the Laserfiche solution for use by OMWD’s Finance, Billing, Engineering, Records and Human Resources Departments. ECS also provided the professional services to convert OMWD from their previous system, EMC’s Application Xtender, to Laserfiche.

OMWD is using the Laserfiche Avante system and currently has 13 Named Full Users, each with Email and Snapshot capabilities. Additional modules include Quick Fields, Real Time Lookup and Zone OCR to automatically index and file documents into Laserfiche. OMWD also employs Starter Audit Trail to track events in Laserfiche as they occur such as who has accessed a document and any changes they may have made to that document. Web Access provides OMWD with a web-based interface for secure access to the Laserfiche without installed desktops applications.

Presently, OMWD is in the process of initiating a Pilot Program for the Operations Department to begin entering documents into Laserfiche with their retention date based on their Records Retention Schedule and to establish a workflow for termed documents. Once this Pilot Program is determined successful, all departments will be required to provide the necessary termed retention date which will trigger termed destruction dates for the Records Department. OMWD recognized the efficiency of automating certain processes and subsequently upgraded their Laserfiche system to Avante to take advantage of Workflow as a way to comply with their Records Retention Schedule.

OMWD has various types of documents with varying retention policies. To provide document routing and email notifications, ECS created a solution that uses two workflows:

For the first part, Workflow processes incoming documents. When a document is ready to be archived, users will scan documents into Laserfiche and fill out the metadata. The metadata includes Department and Record Series Title. The Records Series Title, which is the document type, is generated dynamically depending on what department the user has selected. From the type of document, Workflow will intelligently route the document to the appropriate folder structure. Workflow will also calculate a Retention Date based on the type of document. For example, Service Orders have a retention policy of 3 years so Workflow will calculate the correct retention date from the document type.

For the second part, Workflow checks on existing documents. On the 1st of every month, emails will be sent out to notify department heads with a list of documents that have their purge date coming up. This way, department heads will always be on top of which documents can be removed from the system.

The implementation, installation, conversion and technical support provided by ECS Imaging gave OMWD a means in which to better manage their records district-wide. Now each department is able to maintain and track their own files in Laserfiche, eliminating the problem of duplicate or lost records.

“I always receive courteous and quick responses from ECS, no question is to big or too small,” said Leslie Naritelli. “They have always been very professional and helpful and response to questions is provided in a timely manner. The time saved in searching for documents alone was a vast cost savings.”

Ultimately, Laserfiche has proven to be an efficient, time-saving and user friendly system that has maximized efficiency in the daily operations for Olivenhain Municipal Water District.

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