Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District – 2016

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Alive and Thriving

Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District is located in northern San Diego County and delivers water to 30,000 customers residing within the cities of Escondido, San Marcos, and San Diego, as well as various unincorporated areas of San Diego County. Rincon Water’s facilities consist of a parent district, two water improvement districts, and a fire district.

Rincon Water originally purchased their Laserfiche system in 2004 which, after several major staff changes, went dormant for several years. In 2013, Thomas Butler, Executive Administrator for Rincon Water, saw Laserfiche on a workstation and realized what it was, so he began asking questions. He then reconnected with ECS Imaging and brought Laserfiche back to life for the District.

One of the major reasons for using Laserfiche was to help staff locate documents faster. Prior to Laserfiche “it would bean all-day project to find a document and then more importantly, to determine if it was the latest version”, according to Butler. “Now, in a matter of minutes, we can find the documents we’re looking for, and with Laserfiche Version Control, can quickly and easily see all versions in order to determine the latest version of the document”. The process of searching for documents with a single key stroke and pulling it up electronically has been very effective.

With assistance from ECS Imaging, Rincon Water upgraded their Laserfiche system to version 9. The main purpose of the upgrade was to help Rincon Water achieve the following business objectives:

  • Have a fast and easy way to search for documents
  • Manage document retention requirements
  • Improve accessibility of records to staff
  • Improve security and compliance of stored records
  • Remove obstacles to quickly sharing information with authorized parties
  • Upgrade to the latest features and technology

In addition to being able to access documents quickly and easily in Laserfiche, Rincon Water can also produce accurate reports during auditing. This process, which was originally very time-consuming, can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The District plans to continue scanning in all documents for the Administration Department. “Scanning a lot of documents into Laserfiche may be a time consuming project, however, once it is done it will be worth it due to the time it will save in locating documents in the future”, said Butler. He also stated that “the transition into the upgrade and the latest version of Laserfiche, along with the training [provided by ECS], was great. ECS does not just sell you a product and then fall off the face of the Earth. When they say, ‘we will be in contact’, they mean it”.

Rincon Water has future plans for Laserfiche which includes an upgrade to Laserfiche Avante to take advantage of Workflow automation and to purchase Laserfiche Forms to replace the PDF forms currently on their website.

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