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Taking Government to the Next Level With Laserfiche

San Joaquin County is located in California’s Central Valley and is home to about 685,000 residents.

In June of 2015, the County purchased Laserfiche from ECS Imaging, a local Laserfiche vendor, to replace the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system they were currently using.

Their goal is a “Next Level“ ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system that transforms managing the Enterprise Content away from a 20th Century model of many software brands purchased by various departments with all the redundancies, multiple learning curves, numerous vendors, overwhelming demands on our IT department to a 21st Century model of seamless “all inclusive” standard across all departments.

The approach of the Laserfiche solution is very different. The County believes it has a much better design. It is a very simple approach compared to other software. It is more robust, has Enterprise Class features, and Enterprise Class soft-ware QC (Quality Control).

The county has approximately 25-30 Departments and anticipates up to 600 users once all departments are fully implemented. Using Laserfiche as their standard, with the superior after sale technical support and the on-going free quarterly training opportunities provided by ECS, the County has the resources expected to attain their goals.

ECS helped migrate the county’s data from its existing system to Laserfiche and ECS helped implement the pilot solution in the Assessor’s Office It was a success. That department is already quickly capturing, indexing, routing and auto-filing documents with Laserfiche.

But this was only the beginning of the county’s two phase implementation:

  • Phase one: 80 Full users / 15 departments (completed)
  • Phase two: Up to 600 users and a total of 25-30 departments (including phase one).

As a long-term business partner to San Joaquin County, ECS continues to help onboard and train additional departments in the process of expanding Laserfiche enterprise wide.

Saving the best for last: ECS is a very unique company. Their technology expertise has proven to be an extremely valuable resource in reaching milestones. For example: We know of no other VAR (Value Added Reseller), a SALES organization, whose tech support team has more people than their sales team. They have a very deep bench of tech people including multiple engineers to help with any challenges. You simply call them, a real person in their company answers the phone and they fix the problem.

Differentiating factors:

  • Simplicity of the product – easier to use and easier to administrate.
  • On-going free quarterly training – enhances user skills, increases efficiency.
  • Technical support – truly five star.

Article By Don Macasaet:
San Joaquin County ISD
IS Analyst III

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