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Managing Records with Laserfiche

Located in the heart of the Napa Valley among vineyards between the Mayacamas Mountains and the Napa River, the Town of Yountville, in Northern California is a community that cares about its citizens, businesses and visitors.

In June, 2017, the Township solicited proposals from knowledgeable, qualified firms for a hosted Electronic Content Management System (ECMS) and Records Management solution, which included the conversion of data, images, and recordings stored in their current repository. ECS was invited to demonstrate the benefits of the Laserfiche solution and in March, 2018, was subsequently selected as the best vendor to install and support the Township’s on premise ECMS.

The Township enlisted the services of Kaizen InfoSource, a Records Management consultant who assisted in the development of the Township’s Records and Information Management (RIM) policies and procedures. Kaizen also provided the following services:

  • Updated the Town’s Record Retention Schedule
  • Developed Department File Plans
  • Developed and Deliver Training for Town Staff
  • Developed Specifications and the ECMS RFP released June 2017

The Township Records and Information Management Project had full support from the Town Manager and Town Council. Both have continued their support which demonstrates their commitment to technology improvements and paperless records.  The success of this project would not be possible without the support from the Town Council and Town Manager. Department Heads and their staff are also supportive of the project and understand the significant resource commitment to accomplish.

The Township purchased Laserfiche Rio Subscription including 27 Users, Workflow, Web Access, Mobile, Advanced. Audit Trail, Forms Professional, Quick Fields Complete (including all Modules), Quick Fields Agent, Import Agent, Connector, and Digital Signatures. Additionally, the Township utilizes Weblink with 25 concurrent users for Read-only access to the repository and for the public to access documents. ECS also converted the legacy system data from the 1DocStop system.

Next steps for the Township include Workflow and Business Process Development. Integration with Legistar, their Agenda Management System, Human Resources self-serve client option (Forms for employees to complete on-line), and a Special Event Online Form Application.

The Township shared their lessons learned from the project and provided the host location at the Town’s Community Center for ECS’ Quarterly User Group in June 2019.

Lessons learned:

  • Understand and accept upfront that you cannot know and identify all needs at once despite best efforts.
  • Understand and accept that how you understand things to be in the beginning may not turn out the way you intended and adjustments will need to be made.
  • Communication is Key – Understanding what Client and Developer are saying and making sure both are on the same page (i.e. Workflow vs. Business Process mean different things to both).
  • Working in Test Mode doesn’t give you the same experience as you would receive in a Live System.
  • Biggest Change – Needing a Document Name.   As we are rolling out Public Works and Town Clerk departments, we have received questions from ECS regarding Document Name which is a challenge because each department needs to really participate in the project so they get what they need to locate their records as efficiently as possible.

Download Success Story: ECS Town of Yountville 2019

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