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A District-wide Success for Going Paperless!

The Val Verde Unified School District is located in Perris, CA just south of Riverside. The District comprises 1 Preschool, 13 Elementary Schools, 6 Middle Schools, and 5 High Schools with a student body of nearly 20,000 students and 2,000 employees.

The District began using Laserfiche in 2003 to help manage the volume of student records of incoming and outgoing students as well as personnel records. The District upgraded to Laserfiche Rio in 2015, with the motivating factor being their ability to utilize Laserfiche Workflow to automate the processing of student records and personnel files. Their decision to acquire Laserfiche was based on the software’s reputation as a leader in the document management industry.

The system currently in use by the District includes 44 Full Users, Weblink Public Portal, Quick Fields Basic, Quick Fields Core, Quick Fields Classify, Quick Fields Agent, and ScanConnect. Departments using Laserfiche include Payroll, Benefits, Risk Management, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Records, and Student Services.

Before Laserfiche the District was all paper-based making it slow and tedious to find documents and records. When documents were scanned they were stored in various folders on the network which further complicated the ability to quickly locate and retrieve necessary records.

The project began with a push to scan all personnel records into Laserfiche. Now Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits Divisions are scanning all personnel records into Laserfiche. Quick Fields and Workflow are used in personnel records for Notice of Assignment (NOA), when there is a personnel change, which are batch processed through Quick Fields. Quick Fields is also used for archiving older records using a cover sheet. Quick Fields and Workflow are also used to name and file documents away to minimize staff data entry.  Staff enters an employee ID # or student ID # and metadata is auto pulled from the Human Resources database (a home grown system based on the Cherwell platform).

A spreadsheet database of active vendors is used to pull in metadata with Workflow. A workflow was setup to send an email notification for processing NOAs.  Human Resources prints via Laserfiche Snapshot and workflow then sends documents to benefits and payroll into processing folders.  An outside party also gets an automated email with the document attached. This has solved a lot of paper headaches. The W-4 is automatically routed to the payroll processing folder.

The District developed a process in which to set record retentions on outgoing and graduating student records. Student Services began using Laserfiche for active transfers in and out of the District and for active registrations, scanning the student records for active students on intake.

The District has saved a great deal of time and paper by using Laserfiche, with specific savings tied to the NOA process. Staff buy-in occurred across the District when Laserfiche Users moved from one department to another where Laserfiche was not being used and showed those new departments what Laserfiche can do.

In the future, the District wants to “expand their use of Laserfiche to handle the process of student intake documents and registrations from start to finish, to scan at a centralized registration on intake and make files immediately available to all school sites”, said Daniel Whitfield, Director of Risk Management at the District.

The District encourages organizations with new Laserfiche implementations to “start small and simple. Build on it and incorporate to other processes. Keep learning and be patient.”

“The ECS Helpdesk support team are very helpful and able to teach rather then only fix the issues”, Daniel added.

Download Case Study: ECS Case Study – Val Verde USD 2018

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