VVTA Optimizes Accounts Payable with Laserfiche Workflow

January 8, 2015 in Customer Spotlights |
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Legacy process- before Laserfiche Workflow

After the accounts payable (A/P) clerk of Victor Valley Transit Authority  received the invoices by mail, she sorted them into different piles depending on the department. These invoices were then delivered to the department managers for approval. Often, the A/P clerk had to follow up with the managers to make sure that they approved the invoices. Two of her main pain points were:

  • Managers said they had not received the invoice.
  • Managers returned folders that didn’t include every invoice.
    To alleviate these issues, the A/P clerk made copies of every invoice before delivering them to the appropriate manager. When the managers returned the invoices, she reconciled them with the copies she had made.
  • Once the copies were approved, the A/P clerk coded and handed them over to the finance director for review.
  • The finance director checked the codes and handed the invoices back to the A/P clerk to be entered into the accounting system.
  • Once all the invoices were in the system, the A/P clerk printed a report and handed it back to the finance director along with the invoices.
  • The finance director made sure everything was entered correctly and sent the invoices to the treasury department.
  • The treasurer reviewed everything, initialed the invoices and printed checks.
  • The whole stack was then passed to the executive director who performed another review, initialed and signed the checks.
  • Everything was then delivered back to the finance director who brought them to the A/P clerk.
  • The A/P clerk made a copy of the check, stapled it to the invoice and mailed the original check.
  • The A/P clerk then filed the invoices in a file cabinet.

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