What’s Coming in Q4?

September 19, 2017 in Product Tips & Updates |
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Checkout These Coming New Features and Updates

  • Laserfiche 10.3 – Laserfiche Server 10.3 will add support for allowing multiple connections to simultaneously edit a Microsoft Office document, assigning group names to multi-value field groups, and defining alternate language display names for template names, field names, and tag names. Finally, administrators will have the option to configure a list of redaction reasons that can be assigned when redacting a document. The Laserfiche Windows and web clients will support the new features in Laserfiche Server 10.3. In addition, the web client will feature new filtering options in the folder browser, improved support for the EML email format, a new email preview pane, and more.
  • WebLink 10 – Laserfiche WebLink 10 will update the technologies underlying WebLink for easier maintenance and future compatibility support. There will be a unified web application that combines the functionality of the WebLink Administrator Utility and WebLink Designer Utility. When designing custom search forms, you will be able to preview the search form and the designer will also include search result sort options.
  • Laserfiche Forms 10.3 – Laserfiche Forms 10.3 will add a variety of user experience enhancements. The Process Designer will include a mini-map for easier navigation. In addition, you will be able to view the properties on an activity while continuing to navigate the canvas. When uploading a process XML, you will have the option to overwrite an existing process. In addition, there will be a consolidated dashboard combining the Operational and Performance Dashboards. Additional features include support for Authorize.Net as a payment gateway and a new report creation user interface.
  • Laserfiche Cloud – Laserfiche Process Automation is a brand new unified platform for managing all your process automation needs in Laserfiche. The first phase of deployment introduces select workflow functionality to Laserfiche Cloud. Build workflow definitions in a new streamlined web workflow designer. Create triggers to invoke workflows in the new process automation management site.
  • Laserfiche App 10.3 – Using the Laserfiche Server 10.3 support for geography data, The Laserfiche App will feature an integration with Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Apple Maps that allow searching for documents within a specified distance of a location. In addition, the app will support simultaneous editing of Microsoft Office documents with the web client. Additional features include improved offline functionality with Forms drafts, and support for Laserfiche document annotations.
  • Laserfiche Connector 10.3 – Laserfiche Connector 10.3 will add the ability to launch Laserfiche workflows from a Connector profile. The Connector Profile Creation wizard will feature a streamlined user experience for easier navigation and will be able edit existing profiles. In addition, you will be able to launch Connector profiles using command-line options.
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