Introducing OneSpan E-Sign for Laserfiche from ECS Imaging

If you’ve been looking for a digital signature solution to automate collecting signatures and  integrates easily with Laserfiche, OneSpan is for you! OneSpan is a safe and secure digital signature platform that makes it easy to gather the signatures electronically on your documents and automatically store in your Laserfiche repository.  It meets compliance and industry standard requirements including the CA Secretary of State exclusive vendor list.

We, at ECS Imaging, are excited to announce this new partnership and offering to our customers.

What can you do with OneSpan eSignatures?

With OneSpan, you can gather signatures on your digital documents. It makes viewing and signing documents easy for recipients to do anywhere, anytime. OneSpan allows you to eliminate manual processing, reducing margin for error while enhancing customer experience.

Here of some highlights of OneSpan’s e-signature tool:

  • Quick setup with little to no IT involvement.
  • Drag & drop signature blocks into documents or use text tags to auto-generate documents.
  • Add signer authentication to your documents with one easy click of a button.
  • Track signature progress at every stage quickly and easily, even with multiple signers.
  • Plenty of pre-populated templates to choose from.
  • A strong audit trail that tracks who signed and when on each document.

How does OneSpan integrate with Laserfiche?

OneSpan Sign can integrate seamlessly into your Laserfiche Web Client and Workflow applications. With OneSpan Sign fully embedded, you can prepare, manage, and send documents directly within Laserfiche. You can also add electronic signature capabilities within your workflow processes, with an automatic audit trail for all signature activities.

This makes OneSpan Sign the perfect plug-in integration for our customers who using Laserfiche and for workflow automations such as with vendor contracts, NDAs, proposals, legal documents, HR forms, onboarding documents, and more.

Furthermore, OneSpan Sign for Laserfiche is well-equipped to handle complex scenarios, like:

  • Managing multiple documents and signers with serial or parallel signing processes
  • Applying an additional layer of security with several different authentication methods to choose from
  • Implementing built-in reminders and expiration dates
  • Customizing the signer experience across all channels
  • Leveraging pre-populated templates for enhanced document creation as well as text tags and PDF form fields for auto-generation

If you want to learn more about incorporating OneSpan into your Laserfiche system, please contact your account manager today!

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OneSpan Sign for Laserfiche from ECS Imaging