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The Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System is a proven solution trusted by more than 40,000 sites worldwide. As a pioneer and leader in the industry over 35 years, Laserfiche delivers a complete and feature rich platform while leveraging industry standards. A best in class and customer favorite as recognized through Gartner’s Peer Insights "Customers' Choice" award winner 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024. Laserfiche’s unique advantages include a user friendly appeal and flexibility that adapts to changing business processes, while serving as a comprehensive ECM solution meeting the needs for administrators, power users and public users.

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System

Is designed to be simple to purchase, deploy, expand and support. Our solution empowers IT professionals to control infrastructural standards while providing departmental flexibility. Laserfiche is built on Microsoft technologies making the Windows-like interface easy to learn for the general user and the IT administrator alike.

Laserfiche improves efficiency by automating business processes and eliminating repetitive tasks. With Laserfiche, you can also protect sensitive records and information, start business processes with fillable online forms, streamline review and approval processes, integrate with primary applications, provide efficient self-service access to public documents, and manage records retention and compliance requirements, all in one centralized location.

Turnkey ECM Platform

  • Content Management
    Content Management
  • BPM
    Business Process Management
  • LF_Forms
    Electronic Forms
  • Icon-ECS4-01
    WebLink Public Portal
  • Capture
  • Mobile
    Mobile and Web
  • E_S
    Electronic Signatures
  • IntegrationTools
    Integration Tools

Discover Laserfiche's Powerful Content Management Solution

Laserfiche Cloud

Laserfiche Cloud is an online document management system, allowing you to upload, view, and work with your content using a streamlined web interface. With Laserfiche Cloud, you can access your content wherever you go, whether from a computer or on a mobile device. Laserfiche Cloud also provides you with tools to ensure that your data is secure.

Laserfiche Cloud at a Glance

  • Upload, view, and modify content in a streamlined, fully responsive web interface

  • Work with documents in a secure, digital document repository

  • Facilitate compliance and reduce risk management with built-in-audit reports

  • Manage, create and set up security rights from one administrative login

  • Connect your repository to productivity applications with built-in Microsoft Office® integration

  • Schedule bulk import and archival of paper and electronic documents

  • Create new documents and digitize existing archives

  • Integrate other third-party applications–including most CRM systems–with one click using Laserfiche Connector, a code-free integration tool

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