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Laserfiche Forms offers quick, simplified data collection and processing for your entire organization. Our customizable web forms fit securely onto any website, making it easy for your customers and employees to submit information. Automated approval workflows and built-in auditing ensure that action is taken quickly, forms are never misplaced and stakeholders are updated at every step.

Please also see live online Forms developed by ECS Imaging below.


  • Ensure accurate and secure data collection.
  • Design and modify forms without IT involvement.
  • Accelerate business processes.

Ensure Accurate and Secure Data Collection with Laserfiche Forms

When people submit paper forms, there is no way to ensure that all fields are completed, the information is correct or the handwriting is legible. It is also impossible to be completely sure that confidential information is kept 100% secure. Laserfiche Forms:

  • Pulls user data from your primary applications to pre-populate forms for known audiences, reducing the need for staff to rekey or manually validate information like name, address and phone number.
  • Prevents common user errors such as incomplete fields and incorrect data types, improving both the user experience and the quality of your data.
  • Uses role-based security to ensure that access to submitted data is limited to authorized personnel, guaranteeing the security of confidential information.


The Manage page allows you to easily manage your business processes and monitor their progress.

Design and Modify Forms without IT Involvement

You don’t need to be an IT expert to use Laserfiche Forms. An easy-to-use form builder allows you to quickly create forms to suit your specific needs—no coding or scripting required.

  • Easily create attractive forms using preconfigured templates that allow you to specify colors, fonts, logos and more.
  • Drag and drop a wide variety of fields, checkboxes and radio buttons onto your form to collect the exact information you need—in the precise format you require.
  • Configure form elements so that they are hidden or displayed based on selections made in other fields, improving the user experience and ensuring that you don’t collect unnecessary data.
  • Change the look and feel of your form—or add or delete questions from it—at any time without help from programmers.


Forms, like this one, are incredibly easy to make with the Form Designer and customizable templates.


In the Form Designer, you can control every aspect of your form’s content and appearance with a drag-and-drop interface that is quick and easy to use.

Accelerate Business Processes

ROI increases exponentially when you extend your business processes to the point of capture. Laserfiche Forms makes it easy to capture information, process it quickly and make sure that it’s accessible to authorized employees throughout your organization.

  • Easily create attractive forms using preconfigured templates that allow you to specify colors, fonts, logos and more.
  • Laserfiche Forms’ business process modeler allows authorized employees to create BPMN-compliant process models using drag-and-drop interaction, validate process diagrams and configure processes to make them executable.
  • Embedded routing capabilities allow specified employees to quickly review and approve submitted forms within the Laserfiche Forms application itself.
  • Personal task lists show authorized staff all pending forms and actions required, increasing visibility and prompting timely response.
  • The Web-based Laserfiche Forms application makes it easy for administrative users to modify existing processes and add users without the need to install additional software.


The Process Modeler allows users to create powerful BPMN compliant business processes they can use to route forms and automate their as-is processes.

With pages that show your pending tasks and process submissions, participating in and keeping track of your business processes has never been easier.


  • Create custom forms from library of field or selection elements.
  • Apply preset or custom themes, including page logo, colors, buttons, fonts, and more.

Customization and Routing Tools

  • Configure form elements to dynamically be displayed or hidden depending on user inputs or to be populated with data from external data sources.
  • Automate form-based business processes with decision-making, e-mailing, approvals, and more.
  • Custom form layout and dynamic behavior with CSS and JavaScript.

Role-Based Security

  • Roles allow and restrict access to necessary functions for form submitters, or approvers, form creators, and system administrators.
  • User view of details about all submitted form data.


  • Tasks page allows users to view all of their pending and completed tasks.
  • Administrator views of all submitted forms, process data, and approval history.

Publication and Distribution

  • Distribute forms to audience via login to Forms system, public or secured URL, or embedding into other Web page.
  • Export collected submission data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis or distribution.


Online Public Records Request Forms (Click on link to see live online Forms – Click on Image to see Form)

Online Employment Application Form (Click on link to see live online Form – Click on image to see Form)

City of Hesperia

Vendor Information Form (Click on link to see live online Form – Click on image to see Form)

Traffic Accident Report Request (Click on link to see live online Form – Click on image to see Form)

Clovis Police Department


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Service Advantages:


Laserfiche forms ensures accurate and secure data collection while eliminating time-consuming manual data entry.


Administrators can view submitted forms, process data and approval history allowing them to maintain auditing privileges.


Easily export collected submission data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis or distribution.

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