December 2022 ECS Imaging Newsletter

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Accepting Content Ideas for 2023 Webinars:

If you have a topic for a future webinar, ECS wants to hear from you! ECS is focused on providing you with valuable and effective training opportunities that you and your organization can truly benefit from. So, we would like to ask if you could provide your ideas for webinar subject matter that you are most interested in learning about. The ECS Team welcomes any and all ideas. Please click on the button below to email your webinar topics to [email protected]

ECS Now Offers Digital Signatures

If you’ve been looking for a digital signature solution to automate collecting signatures that integrates easily with Laserfiche, OneSpan is for you! OneSpan is a safe and secure digital signature platform that makes it easy to gather the signatures electronically on your documents and automatically store in your Laserfiche repository. For more information, please Read Our Blog Post, and Watch a Demo Video

County of Hawai’i Grant Management Process

The County of Hawaii has implemented a Nonprofit Grants-in-Aid program to provide up to $2.5 million to support qualified nonprofit organizations involved in work that improves the quality of life on the island of Hawaii. ECS worked closely with the County to develop this online Grant Management process and go live in less than 30 days to meet the required timeline. See Online Form Read Blog

Also check out the Contract Management Process built by ECS Imaging, available on the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace:

Laserfiche News

Laserfiche Empower 2023

Long Beach, CA May 31 – June 1, 2023
Join Laserfiche experts, thought leaders and thousands of other innovators as they celebrate big ideas that help businesses transform lives. Empower will offer a unique experience, including:

Breakout Sessions
Networking events
Hands-on training (Lab Pass only)
A sneak peak at the Laserfiche product roadmap!
Register Here

Self-Hosted API Now Available

Laserfiche API is now available for self-hosted systems. The new Laserfiche API Server enables you to leverage Laserfiche in new and meaningful ways. A modern REST-based API and language-specific libraries allow developers to quickly use their favorite languages to build integrations with Laserfiche. And when you’ve built something cool, we encourage you to share it with the Laserfiche Community.Developer Center Solution Template Submission

New Guide About Best Practices for Designing Efficient Processes in Cloud

In order to help you design efficient workflows and business processes in Cloud in a way that maximizes performance while adhering to system limits, we have released a brand new eBook.
The Best Practices for Designing Efficient Processes in Cloud guide includes:
An overview of general principles and best practices for designing processes in Cloud
Links to documentation about process-related service limits
Common scenarios and how to approach them, including screenshots of efficient and inefficient business processes and workflows
A list of resources for further reading
You can download this guide from Aspire.

Laserfiche Cloud November 2022 Updates Now Live

Data Sources and Data Queries in Projects
Data Sources and Data Queries can be created in or assigned to a project to ensure they’re securely available only to users with access to the project.

Laserfiche API Update
Laserfiche will soon provide Java libraries for interacting with the Laserfiche API from Java applications. The libraries are open source and the implementations and sample projects will be available on Laserfiche’s GitHub.

Solution Marketplace: Check out new templates for Patient Information Authorization, Legislative Records Review and Quality Control Check from the City of Livermore who is also an ECS customer, and Employee Funding Action Request Form from Texas A&M.

Coming soon: Handwriting recognition in capture profiles!
Stay tuned for a mid-month release where capture profiles will have a significant improvement in OCR and the ability to even recognize handwritten data!Watch Video

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