January 2023 ECS Imaging Newsletter

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Workplace needs are changing and digital automation is becoming a high priority in many organizations. We are here to help. Join us as we take a deep dive into Laserfiche Forms. Learn best practices when working in Forms 11.

ECS Imaging 2022 Year in Review

ECS Imaging is excited by the accomplishments of our customers over the past year as we helped build automated business processes using Forms and Workflow. Our team has been working diligently developing and implementing automated business process for our customers including Public Records Request, Agenda Management, Grants Management, and Contracts Approval Routing. Here are some of the major highlights from 2022:

Contracts Approval Routing System – Now available on the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace – Please see more info below.
Grants Management
FOIA Requests (Public Records Request)
Agenda Process Management
Streamlining Accounts Payable
Employee On-Boarding
Records Retention Automation
Laserfiche Cloud Migrations
Third Party and Custom Integrations
Introduction of OneSpan E-Sign Integration for Laserfiche
Recognition by Laserfiche: 2022 Cloud Solution Provider of the Year and the 2022 Transformation Award

2022 ECS Webinars

ECS has presented many training webinars covering a multitude of topics including basic repository usage, automated processes, integration, and customer use cases. If you would like to watch any of the past webinars, here is a recap and link to the recorded Webinars.

Brown Metals Showcase
What’s New in 2022 and Empower 2021 Takeaways
ECS Imaging’s Most Wanted: Our 10 Most Requested Solutions
Transforming Records Management with City of Lake Elsinore
Introduction to the Laserfiche Web Client
What Can the Laserfiche Cloud Do?
Overview of the Laserfiche Product Suite
2022 Laserfiche Highlights

Now Available on the Laserfiche Solution Marketplace

Contracts Approval Routing System by ECS Imaging

This process helps organizations manage new contract submissions and goes through a review and approval process. The process is initiated when a Project Manager submits a new contract submission electronic form. The request is routed to the Contract Administrator for first round of review and approval. It is then routed to the Risk Manager for final approval. Once the Risk Manager has approved the form, it is automatically routed back to the Contract Administrator to initiate the signing process. The form was designed for Laserfiche Cloud and there is no cost to download.

Complimentary Laserfiche Empower General Pass or 50% off Lab Pass

As a Thank You to our customers, ECS is offering a Free Empower General Pass or 50% off the cost of a Lab Pass. Please contact your account rep or email [email protected] to let us know which pass you prefer, and we will get you registered. If you are already registered for Empower or can’t attend we can alternatively offer you a free Laserfiche online Certification Course.
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Laserfiche News

New Laserfiche Cloud Features Now Available!

Check out the exciting new features released in December!

Handwriting Recognition and Improved OCR Accuracy – Capture Profiles now provides support for capturing handwritten text, and users will also see significantly improved accuracy for printed characters. Read Article

Script Rules in Projects – Script Rules will be able to be created and secured within a project so they can be available to processes created within that project.

Search by Entry Name – Process designers will be able to search for entries based on their name through the Search Repository activity.

Search and Pagination in Forms Tables and Collections – Forms will have pagination options for large tables or collections with lots of rows or sets. Additionally, process designers will be able to add a search box to tables or collections so users can quickly find specific values in large tables or collections.

Upload Images in Custom HTML Form Fields – Designers will be able to upload images into custom HTML form fields, letting you further customize your form to fit your message and brand.

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