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Laserfiche 11 will bring several highly anticipated innovations for self-hosted customers enabled through a hybrid architecture. Customers can access these capabilities as cloud services via their self-hosted Laserfiche platforms (Rio and Subscription Platforms). These new features include:

Direct Share, which enables organizations to share content securely with people outside the organization with password-protected links that can be tracked and audited in Laserfiche.

Laserfiche direct share lets you share content from the Laserfiche repository with external users through the web client or mobile app. When you send documents through direct share, the recipient will receive a unique and anonymous URL they can use to access the files for a limited period of time. You can add a password, and specify the number of days until the URL expires. The sender will receive notifications when the content was viewed, and they or a repository administrator can see the status of who shared it, with whom, and if and when it was accessed.

Smart Invoice Capture profile is a pre-configured profile that uses machine learning to automatically capture data on any invoice, specifically the invoice date, invoice number, purchase order number, and total amount due. Similar to custom capture profiles, the Run Capture Profile Workflow activity runs this smart profile and outputs tokens for the captured data to be used later in the workflow. This activity can also retrieve information from a vendor lookup table to automatically retrieve vendor information from invoices.

Note: When the Workflow activity runs the smart invoice capture profile, eight tokens will be captured: TotalAmount, TotalAmountConfidence, InvoiceNumber, InvoiceNumberConfidence, InvoiceDate, InvoiceDateConfidence, PONumber, and PONumberConfidence. Additionally, if vendor identification is enabled, three vendor identification tokens will be captured: TopVendorName, TopVendorID, and TopVendorConfidence. The confidence tokens reflect how confident the machine learning algorithm was in capturing the correct data. Process designers can use these confidence tokens to create conditions to set their own thresholds and route data for additional manual validation.

Laserfiche Bots, also known as Laserfiche Workflow Bots, use robotic process automation technology to let you easily configure software bots to automate repetitive, routine work between multiple systems. These bots work directly across application user interfaces, mimicking the actions a person would perform, including signing in and out of applications, copying and pasting data, and filling out forms. By automating these time-consuming, uninteresting tasks, users have more time to focus on more important matters.

See Video Overview: Workflow Bots

Integration Activities:
CRM Integrations: Push and pull information without coding between Salesforce, Redtail or Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Laserfiche to better maintain data accuracy and consistency for sales and marketing processes.
Ellucian Banner Integration through Ethos: Seamlessly exchange student personal information and course information between Laserfiche and Banner SIS to support use cases such as student registrar forms processing, student information update requests and changing majors/minors.

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